Cosplayer of the Month: Rosanna Rocha

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Cosplayer of the Month: Rosanna Rocha

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First year we met! 2010. My god I was skinny then.


We’ve featured a lot of cosplayers over the years, some I found and knew nothing about and others I was a huge fan of, well Rosanna Rocha is above both groups. She is a local cosplayer from Tucson, Arizona who became famous for Darth Talon and Mileena costumes. Like other famous cosplayers, she is stunningly beautiful, talented, and hustles to visit conventions back to back. This is not very different from many other cosplayers. What makes her special, at least to me, is her attitude, tenacity, and loyalty to her fans.

I’ve followed her for four five years now and have seen her go through highs, lows, cosplay breaks, and a comeback. I visit her every Phoenix Comic Con, each time I am incredibly shy, and she always remembers me. This is saying a lot since I’ve had drastic changes to my look every year. I remember the days of old where I was the only one who’d visit for booth in good chunks of time to conventions where she is dead slammed and I have to wait in line for sometime to support her and muster the courage to stutter a greeting. Although I always enjoy the one on one time with her, I
am even more excited to see her fanbase grow.

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Second year! I got an office job and the weight piled on!

When I started Geek Lyfe I wanted to be able to defend those cosplayers, authors, artists, actors, and film makers and their craft. They are wonderful people who put their heart and soul into their work. I digress. She is an incredible person who has always shown patience, generosity, kindness, determinations, dedication and grace in every situation I have encountered with her.

Here is my interview with Rosanna Rocha


You can find more about Rosanna Rocha by going to her Facebook page! Give her some love!

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