Cosplayer Of The Year 2016

Cosplayer Of The Year 2016

We here at The Geek Lyfe love cosplay and know that every single cosplayer is fantastic in their own way. However out of the various cosplayers we have interviewed in the past, we thought it would be a great idea to a Cosplayer of the Year! We worked hard to reduce such a great list of costumers consisting of around 65+ to only 13.

These few are folks who put their heart and soul in their work. Social media likes be damned! It is the quality of work, the amount of new cosplays debuted, creativity, and the courage to do things that they aren’t used to that makes a cosplayer great!

We have two awards this year: People’s Champ and Editor’s Pick. The People’s Champ award is open to the public to vote for three cosplayers they think deserve the award! Please keep in mind their quality, quantity, and originality when voting.

The Editor’s Pick is done behind the scenes with staff as they dicuss which of these 13 cosplayers was our personal favorite and should be followed in 2017 because we know just how fantastic they were, are, or will be!

At the end of the day, all of these cosplayers are wonderful! I hope you enjoy!

Voting ends on the 13th of January and winners are announced on the 14th!

Also feel free to listen to some intense menu music while choosing!

Alana Waffles is an incredible cosplayer that has done rad renditions of the Disney Princesses such as Mandalorian Jasmine and Warrior Sleeping Beauty! While she has the looks of a runway model, her personality is so goofy that you can’t help but like her! Being talented, pretty, and down to earth is rare to find indeed!

Where to even begin with Amber Skies? She is hands down, one of the most hardworking cosplayers we have known. She travels to a number of conventions around the US, both big and small to debut costume after costume. Each and every cosplay is unique and detailed to the bone. She strives for accuracy and almost always achieves her goal.

Angi Viper is another cosplayer that I would consider a gem. The first time I saw her was on a YouTuber named Dodger’s video and she was goofy, fun, and all around someone that I just knew would be amazing to hang out with! Then I found out she is a wicked talented cosplayer who completely and utterly loves what she does. Whether she wants to be sexy or she wants to be the most respected cosplayer in the building, she can and will do it. I saw her knock out the competition at Wondercon in 2016 and know she is incredible!

Aurelius Armoury was the first ever interview we had on The Geek Lyfe and I am so glad they took the tie to respond. Both girls are crazy good at what they do. The genres they cosplay from are diverse ranging from kawaii anime girls to full on Warhammer 40k suits. I give them a ton of credit for switching it up so often, not to mention documenting their process by live streaming a majority of it!

Dhareza Cosplay has so much talent that it is down right disgusting. I had the honor of interviewing him when he was so much smaller and only had a few cosplays. Since then he has grown tremendously in so may ways that his cosplay roster is thick with fantastic pieces that rivals the titans! Yet somehow he remains so humble and down to earth!

Dorothy Thicket Cosplay made my jaw drop when I found out about her cosplays! She came highly recommended by so many in the community and I quickly saw why. The detail she puts in her costume is outstanding, you could get lost staring for a good while staring at her costumes. She brings top tier craftsmanship to the table when it comes to every single costume. All while also remaining incredibly humble!

Drefan cosplay is a beast of a man who chooses to cosplay as the buffest of characters from video games and anime. While his cosplays are crazy good, it is the fact that he pushes his body to the limit in order to look like the characters he wishes to cosplay as. While many folks can fake their look, you can not hide your swoleness, you either have it or you don’t and Drefan definitely has it!

Feoranna Cosplay is well known throughout the cosplay community for being down to earth, talented, and down right beautiful! She uses all of her strengths in her cosplay career by often choosing the more sultry of characters and doing them extremely well. Still, she doesn’t limit herself to one category, she consistently switches from scantily clad to full blown armor! No matter what the costume is, she dominates the scene!

Heartless Aquarius came into the cosplay scene quietly, and then decided to drop bombs on the Arizona scene by introducing her unique style of cosplay. While other cosplayers might dive into the world of sex appeal, Heartless Aquarius thrives in being Disney Princess levels of majestic. She is famous for her original costume renditions of Pokemon and Cartoon characters like Bill from Gravity Falls.

One of the major factors of nominating Laydiexskull was because of how diverse her cosplays are. She dances between being sultry to wearing incredible armor and even is willing to wear a bald cap to be Saitama from One Punch Man! Cosplayers we have talked to over the years have told us how they fear wearing a cosplay if they do not match the gender, look, or skin tone and yet here LaydiexSkull slaying her the scene with her awesomeness!

Everytime I turn a corner, Sara Moni seems to have a new costume ready to debut for a convention. Her cosplay is thick with diversity from games to anime to comics and so much more. This woman can walk in as a sultry Silk then the next day walk in as a female version of Lizardman from Spiderman and still somehow be seductive! Not to mention that all of her costume are on point when it comes to wigs, contacts, details,etc!

Schrei205 is one of the most underrated cosplayers around. The amount of work she puts into her costumes is intense to say the least. She does not do basic with her gear, she goes full blown armor crafting with LED lights and all. Multiple times she has told me just how terrible her costumes feel yet she continues to be super dope by dealing with it for fans!

Royal Goldfish is a gem of a cosplayer who brims with such talent that she dances between making costumes for herself and then making them for clients. Despite not having a huge following on her social medias, she still rolls into conventions with incredible cosplays.

Time To Vote!

Because there are so many cosplayers, we’ve given you 3 votes! Check the box for the cosplayers you believe deserve to win and then punch that ‘Vote’ button! Be sure to also check out these fantastic cosplayers at their social media pages!

Which Cosplayer Do You Believe Deserves To Be Cosplayer Of The Year?

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