Fan Film: The Lord Inquisitor Looks Amazing

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Fan Film: The Lord Inquisitor Looks Amazing

If you are a geek like me, at some point you’ve come across the table top plastic crack of Warhammer 40,000. If you are unfamiliar, Warhammer 40k is a war game played with plastic models, tape measures, dice, and rule books. Matches can take up to hours depending on the size of the battle and the price to enter as well as the learning curve are intense. Yet many geeks, myself included, throw financial caution to the wind and dropped time and money to learn to game.

Lore wise Warhammer 40k is about an eternal war in the year 40,000 where every aspect of life is terrible due to the galaxy constantly being under siege by terrible forces. Despite there being a rich amount of factions and story behind each one, Warhammer 40k typically favors their Space Marines which are giant super soldiers who are the black ops for the war. A handful of them can clear a horde of enemies if given enough supplies and time to prepare.

While they are incredible, seeing them in all forms of media gets tiresome after a while. Games Workshop, the owners of Warhammer 40k, have gone wild with pumping out video games for their sci fi franchise. Some games such as Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade, Dawn of War, and even the stand alone Space Marine are wonderful gems but the other 80% of games are pretty terrible and again, focus on Space Marines. Many fans wish to see more content that covers anything other than Space Marines however we’ve been let down time and again.

That was until a beautiful fan by the name of Erasmus Brosdau started his project for The Lord Inquisitor. It’s a fan film made fully in CGI with a small team and almost no budget at all. When I first heard of this project I honestly assumed it would be shut down within the first year or taken over by Games Workshop but by the grace of the Emperor, he is still going with it and actually released his nine minute prologue!

6 years in the making, now finally the first 9 minutes of my full CGI movie “The Lord Inquisitor” are complete. Enjoy the prologue.

Watching this trailer absolutely blew me away not just with it’s aesthetics but also with the feeling of the world around it. Rather than focusing on Space Marines, it seems this film will focus much more on the Inquisition which is an internal affairs branch of the military that ensures all humans are uncorrupted by Chaos to the point where if they even have the slightest suspicion of corruption then execution is used without warning.

So for one of the fire times, a feature film will be made that focuses on something other than the Space Marines and it looks incredible. I honestly wish I could donate to this project but I’ve been unable to find a proper method. So I suggest you go to his Facebook page and drown him in likes and support to help him keep going and hopefully continue making great content!

Darth Mexican has been a geek for 26 years. His interests include Anime, Cosplay, Comic Books, Kung Fu films, Video Games and Table Top Gaming. With strong character traits such as optimism and ambition, it's hardly a surprise that Darth Mexican decided to create a blog centered around Geek Culture that kept the community updated on all things they care for. However, he knew that he could not possibly tackle this beast by himself and recruited Spocktopus to his cause. Darth Mexican loves his team, this page, and those that follow it.

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