Fantastic AZ Photographers (And Where To Find Them)

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Fantastic AZ Photographers (And Where To Find Them)

During Taiyou Con, I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite cosplayers, Mae Dae Cosplay. After gushing about Steven Universe and conventions, she mentioned how she wanted to get really great photos of her costumes but had no idea who would do it or how they are as professionals. This stopped me in my tracks because I was under the misconception that everyone in the Arizona cosplay scene knew about the major and minor photographers.

So I am here to give you a list of dope photographers that we know of that you can go to for great photos! I will mention right now that we don’t have concrete information on their prices because they differ depending on the situation but we do have a sense for inexpensive to expensive options. Be sure to check out their social media pages for additional information!

Once again I want to let you know that this is in no way, shape, or form a complete list of cosplay photographers in Arizona. These are just the ones we know of and love their work.

Photographers We Know and Love

Here are the photographers we know of and have worked with on a professional level!

Deegan Marie Photography

Deegan Marie Photography has helped The Geek Lyfe out on a number of projects and she always comes with such a hardworking attitude and hustles to get assignments finished to the best of her ability. When it comes to her clients, she brings even more to the table by offering her expert opinion on what looks best and whips out as much equipment as needed to ensure an exceptional product.

In addition to cosplay photography she has worked heavily on both product photography and band photography. There is a very good reason she is sought after so heavily in the community!

I recommend Deegan Marie Photography to anyone who takes their cosplay serious and wishes to sell prints. I believe her prices to be fair. It’s understandable that some might see her prices and stop in their tracks but you absolutely get what you pay for!

Where can you get more info: Website. Facebook.

Astraea Arts

Daniel Son of Astraea Arts is young, hardworking, and wicked talented. He started professionally taking cosplay photography in his Junior year of Highschool and has only gotten better since. Despite his fantastic work, he always remains humble and down to earth with both cosplayers and his peers. He dove into the world of cosplay videography in 2016 and his videos were well received! I recommend keeping a close eye on Astraea Arts because there is no doubt in my mind that he will only get better from here.

Better reach out to him for a shoot soon while he still charges so little! His prices are, in my opinion, far too modest for a photographer of his caliber but this is to the benefit of his clients!

Where can you get more info: Instagram. Facebook.

Photo Arcade Photography

Carlos and Mauro are of a duo photography group called Photo Arcade Photography. They have worked along aside The Geek Lyfe for a number of years to help out with convention photos and photo shoots. Their main focus is landscape photography but have jumped into the cosplay scene and are excited to expand their horizons. Their prices are dirt cheap but their quality of work is good! They always try their best to work with clients to get them whatever they need and are open to new ideas.

I recommend them to anyone who wants to practice photo shoots without breaking the bank, in a safe and, friendly environment.

Where can you get more info: Facebook

Photographers We Know But Have Never Worked With

We might not have ever worked with these photographers on a professional level but we know of them and know their work is great!

Tony Julius 

“Fantastic work” and “Tony Julius” are words that spill out of the mouths of so many in Arizona! He has been known as the go to guy if you want great photos. Every interaction I have had with the man has been nothing short of professional and pleasant. He is trusted by so many in the community whether it is with normal convention shoots or boudoir shoots. Although I have no solid information on his prices, I do know that they are a bit more expensive than others but just like Deegan Marie Photography, it is worth it!

Where can you get more info: Facebook.  Website

Mort Productions

Mort Productions is like a unicorn to me. I have heard that he is a human being that must breathe air and eat in order to survive and yet his photography is extraordinary which leads me to believe he is some sort of photography demigod. I have never met the man but I absolutely covet his work. He is an established photographer that is always up to big things and a lot of folks that have worked with him only further confirm his talent!

I don’t have any information on what he charges but I can assume it is a respectable amount and worth your time.

Where can you get more info: Facebook.  Website

Connor Heinzmann is an indie photographer thick with talent. If the saying “Birds of a feather flock together” is true then I have an immense amount of respect for Connor as I do for Astraea Arts! The two can often be seen working together for shoots in the same location and even with the same models but their work has their own unique style. Although I have never interacted with the man, I’ve heard great things from former clients!

Unfortunately I have no information on his pricing, be sure to contact him for more information!

Where can you get more info: Facebook 
CourteX Studio consistently pumps out great content with a number of great cosplayers both in the valley and out of it. He has talent, equipment, and dedication to all the projects he works and and a good amount of his clients say great things about him! The information I have on his prices is that they are fair. The more you pay, the better quality of work you will get!
Where can you get more info: Facebook

Speed Force Photography
Adam Walsh of Speed Force Photography is a great photographer who attends a number of conventions and has worked with tons of folks. His skill has grown quite a bit since he first started and definitely seems like it will continue to grow as the years go by. His former clients tell good things about working with him and the photos produced are pretty great!

Where can you get more info: Facebook

Welp! There you have it! There is our list of fantastic photographers in Arizona! Although this was our list of folks we know and can recommend to our readers, I also know there are plenty of other talented men and women out there who do wonderful photo shoots as well but were not on our list! If you have folks in mind you’d like to recommend, feel free to drop their links in the comments below and we’ll check them out and add them to the list!

Orange Slice Media

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: FacebookWebsite.

Matthew Hunt Photography

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: Facebook.


Alvin Johnson Photography

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: flickr. Instagram. Facebook.

Kincart Photography

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: Facebook. Flickr.

OGRE Eric Richardson Photography

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: Facebook.

Superhero Synergy

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: Facebook. Instagram.

Recommended to us by readers!


Where can you get more info: Facebook. Instagram.

Tao Photography

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: Facebook.

Toxic Butterfly Photography

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: Facebook. Instagram.

Peach Girl Photography

Recommended to us by readers!

Where can you get more info: Facebook. Instagram. Website.

Honorary Mention

Grant Brummett’s Photography

Grant Brummett was a beloved photography from Arizona who helped so many cosplayers and photographers alike. He passed away before his time but will always be remembered in the community for being incredible in every way. I entered the cosplay scene only months after his passing and will always regret never getting to meet the man that so many hold in such high regard. All I can do is introduce his work to others.

Check out the rest of his work here: Facebook.

The Geek Lyfe is always about supporting local businesses who do right by their clients! c: Now go and get yourself some great photos!

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