Five Need To See Anime Films

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Five Need To See Anime Films

“Best anime movie ever!” – We’re sure you’ve shouted these words during  arguments with your friends. But perhaps they didn’t agree.

If they don’t agree with you, or you don’t want to jump in a fight, take a break and get some fun while playing the best real money online casino in Australia. But if you really want to prove them wrong – get ready to settle some debates once and for all. This is the top 5 anime films of all time.

1) Akira (1988)


  • Director: Katsuhiro Ohtomo
  • Based on Akira (manga) by Katsuhiro Ohtomo

The heroic story of biker rebels Shotaro Kaneda and Tetsuo Shima that contemplate the meaning of their existence as they fight governmental oppression, this technical marvel is the granddaddy of action anime and still reigns supreme as one of the best Japanese features of all time.



  • 2) Ghost in the Shell (1995)


  • Director: Mamoru Oshii
    ·Based on Ghost in the Shell (manga) by Masamune Shirow

Another classic, this sci-fi production by the inimitable Mamoru Oshii gave us the archetype of the emotionally detached female cyborg. And even though many have tried, no one has been able to make a story as compelling as half-human-half-cyborg Officer Motogo Kusanagi’s journey through cyber-hell.

  • 3) Panda and the Magic Serpent (1958)


  • Directors: Taiji Yabushita and Kazuhiko Okabe
    ·Based on Legend of the White Snake (folktale)

The oldest film on the list, the first colored anime film was based on a Song Dynasty folktale. It was amongst the first to be released in the US while it failed to immediately make anime a household name, this tale of immortality is a visual treat that truly works to demonstrate the remarkable advancement of animation technology in the last fifty years.

  • 4) Animal Treasure Island (1971)

  • Director: Hiroshi Ikeda
    ·Inspired by Treasure Island (novel) by Robert Louis Stevenson

While non-anime fans will likely be content with the Disney adaptation of the Stevenson novel, this witty and colorful 1971 film follows the tales of Jim and Gran as they seek the immeasurable riches of space travel. Other than being thoroughly charming, the film also gets cookie points for being based on an idea by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki.


  • 5) Digital Monster X-Evolution (2005)

  • Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou
    ·Loosely Based on Digimon Chronicle (manga) by Shisheni Okorarana

The only film in the series to be rendered entirely in beautiful computer graphics—is truly a breathtaking look at the Digimon world without humans. You’ll have to look on Youtube because it was never released in America, but don’t miss this amazing work fans in Japan know all too well.

That’s it. All our picks have great animation, stories, and characters. But we made sure each movie on the list offered something insightful or profound, because that’s what makes quality cinema, no matter the medium.

Darth Mexican has been a geek for 26 years. His interests include Anime, Cosplay, Comic Books, Kung Fu films, Video Games and Table Top Gaming. With strong character traits such as optimism and ambition, it's hardly a surprise that Darth Mexican decided to create a blog centered around Geek Culture that kept the community updated on all things they care for. However, he knew that he could not possibly tackle this beast by himself and recruited Spocktopus to his cause. Darth Mexican loves his team, this page, and those that follow it.

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