The Geek Lyfe Interviews Mega64!

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The Geek Lyfe Interviews Mega64!

At the time of writing this, it is the third and final day of Taiyou Con 2017. This year had a ton of great aspects to it but we’ll save that for the review! For this article we want to show you guys our interview with a group of incredible YouTubers called Mega 64!

If you are not familiar with their content, they are comedians who takes the world of video games and bring them into the real world. No matter how embarrassing or how many times security gets called they continue to think up creative content for their fans.

Taiyou Con granted us access as press and allowed us to interview them! I hope you enjoy!

Rocco was on time for the interview while Derek and Shaun literally got off the plane and raced to the Mesa Convention Center and into our interview. I have so much respect for how kind and down to earth they were! During their panel they showed off videos never uploaded to Youtube of failed projects that were side splitting with hilarity.

Be sure to check out their content on their website at!


Our photographer, Mauro of Photo Arcade, is a massive Mega64 fan and freaked out when he met them. He got so nervous that he had to talk with them and then walk away to stop fangirling and then return to request a video with Rocco annnnd here it is!

Thank you again so much to both Mega64 and Taiyou Con!

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