Geek Lyfe Spotlight: Redshirt

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Geek Lyfe Spotlight: Redshirt

Red Shirt is one of the only Red Shirts to survive more than one mission planet side due to getting horribly lost from his group. When he returned, the entire crew was dead. Now he fills his time doing podcast episodes with Zombieboi. He has met the Doctor and had a big mac with him in his Tardis but had no idea. Han Solo once picked him up and used him to deliver an illegal spice package to a client. The mission had a 87% death rate, he walked out alive due to getting locked in a bathroom stall with the client and delivered the package while also being the midwife to a glorious alien birth.

I met Redshirt during one of the most shameful times of my life. The Yu Gi Oh phase. I was but a poor highschooler who worked at a local grocery store for minimum wage whose money went straight to Warhammer 40k and D&D. Meanwhile Redshirt spent all of his time and money into this god forsaken trading card game and was for the most part unbeatable. His knowledge of the Star Wars universe was beyond many of ours and I regarded him as a god amongst nerds for so many more reasons. Later in our friendship I was able to drag him into D&D as I did with so many other friends and we bonded over many things!

If there is one thing I can say about Redshirt it’s that he is a great guy all around. Every time I needed help with anything, he always offered a hand and gave it his all. You don’t find much of that anymore so that makes Redshirt even more special. When I began Geek Lyfe and heard that he wanted to do a podcast with friends, I knew that I needed to reach out to him.

Unfortunately, he was working for another geeky blog but over time the blog went into very unique directions and Redshirt was able to leave and join us. After only a few weeks he lets us know that he is happier over all with the change and is able to do so much more!


At many times in my life Redshirt was a a rival who was better than me in every way yet was still such an awesome and kind guy. I’m proud to have him on our side so we can work towards goals together. He is a huge asset to the team!

Stay tuned for more spotlights on the Admins of The Geek Lyfe in the near future!

Darth Mexican has been a geek for 26 years. His interests include Anime, Cosplay, Comic Books, Kung Fu films, Video Games and Table Top Gaming. With strong character traits such as optimism and ambition, it's hardly a surprise that Darth Mexican decided to create a blog centered around Geek Culture that kept the community updated on all things they care for. However, he knew that he could not possibly tackle this beast by himself and recruited Spocktopus to his cause. Darth Mexican loves his team, this page, and those that follow it.



    Wow, that Redshirt guy is pretty hot. Anyone know if he’s single?

    • Sorry I’m taken 😉


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