We here at The Geek Lyfe love creating content for the enjoyment of others! One form of content is actually YouTube videos, we have various sub brands that feature different staff members!


Brostalgia features staff members Powerforce and Gumbercules, together they play older games from their childhood and discuss life, gaming, and everything in between! Being best friends, you can expect a ton of jokes, competition, and support! I highly recommend their content to anyone who enjoys having a consistent cast to come back to for great content. They post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Darth Mexican

Darth Mexican enjoys ranting about various things and hanging out with friends! This leads to a number of random videos being uploaded to YouTube ranging from Mandatory Fun Time to discussion videos about more serious topics. He, just like Freeplay Frenchie, is a wild stallion and uploads whenever he likes! Be sure to check the YouTube channel for more new content!


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