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Review: Your Name

As many know, a number f our staff here at The Geek Lyfe are weebs. Wars have been raged internally about which method of anime is best: Subbed or Dubbed many times. (Subbed for lyfe!) One thing we all can agree on is that Your Name blew our minds and made us feel all the feels.

If you are unfamiliar with the 2016 film, it’s the story of two high schoolers who live normal lives with the exception that at night they will sometimes swap bodies. Through this experience they are are help help one another out with their concerns and grow to become friends by leaving messages on their cell phone or physical messages by marking their body with a marker. With the information I have provided, it might sound like it is simply a slice of life anime but I can assure you that it is so much more!

The plot itself is a bit of a mystery for some time, which did annoy me a bit. Mitsuha is a girl living in a small countryside town who is the daughter of a politician and the granddaughter of a priestess and follows the Shinto customs as best she can while classmates make fun of her. Because she is such a good person, she simply takes the verbal abuse without ever returning it. Taki, on the other hand, is a boy living in the city of Tokyo and lives a faster paced lifestyle by going to school, and working a part time job. He is a bit of a punk and a slacker so folks in his social circle simply expect disappointment from him and he, in turn, just doesn’t care.

The voice acting, animation, and personality of the characters were filled to the brim with such talent that I couldn’t help but find enjoyment in it! Around mid way through the film is when a major spoiler happens that flips the entire film on it’s head. I swear to everything that from that point you will be on the edge of your seat and a pit of despair will form in your stomach that only gets worse with time.

Your Name was directed by Makoto Shinkai and reports show it even in it’s 11th Week, it was able to say at #1. According to Anime News Network, the film earned 17.97 Billion Yen ($172 million). This isn’t too shabby compared to the number one Japanese film, Spirited Away at 30.8 billion yen or even Princess Mononoke at 19.3 billion yen!

Also shout out to the music of Your Name by Noda Yojiro who is the singer from the band Radwimps! He composed the music for Your Name and it just added so much to the film!

I absolutely recommend checking out this film if you enjoy stories of coming of age, friendship, both denying and accepting fate, and can appreciate fantastic art. You recommend using services or purchasing a legal copy of Your Name since the the film makers deserve compensation but can completely understand if you can not afford it right now.

Your Name

Your Name



    Voice Acting









            • Incredible Animation
            • Relatable Characters
            • Fantastic Twist
            • Quality Voice Acting
            • Great Music


            • I wanted it to be a series
            • Wrecked me
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