Super Heroes arrive at The Heard Museum

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Super Heroes arrive at The Heard Museum

 The Heard Museum is a beautiful place which displays fascinating exhibits year round. However, the newest addition appeals to geeks of all ages and cultures. Though familiar faces such as Batman, Green Lantern and even Spider-Man are present, this exhibit takes a look at the spectacular creations of Native American super heroes, as well as their influences.

At Super Heroes: Art! Action! Adventure! you’ll definitely get just that. From a die-hard fan who enjoys the classics to someone who is always on the lookout for a new character to follow, this exhibit has something for everyone. The pops of bright color and silhouetted skyline immerse museum goers into the comic book world with their first step in and it doesn’t stop there.

IMG_20150515_092711This exhibit offers the chance to see pop culture infused with traditional Native American art. One of my personal favorite pieces is a beautifully crafted canteen by Susan Folwell which features a Batman symbol. This can be seen alongside her own superhero creation of the character Buffalo Woman (whose power is to bring the blessing of rain). In a few other areas, the fantastic work of Jason Garcia can be viewed. This artist covers traditional Santa Clara Pueblo vases with exquisite paintings of superheroes.

superindianFurther into the exhibit, new superheroes arrive on the scene. These heroes, courtesy of Arigon Starr and Jay Odjick, are of Native American decent. Super Indian (created by Arigon Starr) was a regular Janitor working a local bingo hall when he ingested a heaping amount of commodity cheese. Little did he know it was tainted with a chemical called “Rezium” which would give him super powers! Super Indian even has a companion named Diogi, a rez dog who proves to be very intelligent. Meanwhile, Jay Arigon creates Kagagi. A normal high school kid named Matthew Carver who inherits the powers of the Raven and now has the ability to fight evil that has been plaguing his community since ancient times. Kagagi is created based on stories and legends of the Anishinaabe.

kidsareaChildren, along with those who are kids at heart, will have an absolute blast becoming a superhero themselves. From coloring and decorating a personal mask to cutting out a cape to make their own, the possibilities are endless. The exhibit offers a template to snip out a cape along with numerous ways to customize their new outfit. Even if creating from scratch is not ideal, the museum offers an assortment of capes and bracers to accent any young hero. (They even have a few in adult sizes too.) In addition, right next to the crafting area is an interactive screen which helps users chooses an animal companion, and they can even take a picture with it.

 This is only a glimpse at what Super Heroes: Art! Action! Adventure! has to offer. If you’ve ever wanted to check out Linda Carter’s costume from Wonder Woman, a huge Batman statue or Spider-Man’s web shooter; this is the place. Likewise, if you want to see awe inspiring Native American art, you’ve found it. Even if you’re seeking fun for the whole family, this latest exhibit at The Heard Museum is just that. The exhibit runs from May 16th until August 23rd. So get your geek on, and check it out.

IMG_20150515_104553For additional information on the Super Heroes: Art! Action! Adventure! exhibit click here.
For additional information about The Heard Museum click here.

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    Great post, Alicia! I’m excited to see the exhibit now!


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