Interview With Rin The Yordle

Interview With Rin The Yordle At Taiyou Con I met up with friends who were all raving about how incredible this artist was how lived in the valley. I was surprised that so many had recommended her to me and so I took them up on their suggestion and did as much research on Rin the Yordle in a single night. Sure enough I was blown away by the content she created from her artwork to her streams on Tw...

Stardew Valley Impressions

  Stardew Valley Impressions I have an admission to make. I never understood the appeal of Harvest Moon. Never understood the draw of a game where you farm all day. It’s more akin to a monotony simulator to me. Honestly, there’s been times where I wish I got it. I like the simplistic pixel graphics..I’ve WANTED to understand the appeal, but it just won’t speak to me. So, of course, I bought S...

Artist Interview: Rick Basaldua

Artist Interview: Rick Basaldua At Amazing Arizona Comic Con I met with a good amount of artists hoping to sell their wares to fellow geeks looking for that perfect piece of art  to decorate their walls. Many of their work differed in terms of quality, style, genre and price. Among those artists, there was one that stood out above the rest in my eyes and his name was Rick Basaldua! Basaldua is act...

Webcomic – Luke Skywalker to the Rescue!

Webcomic – Luke Skywalker to the Rescue! With all of the Fallout content that’s been coming out over the past few weeks, I thought I’d break the tradition and do something a little more… Battlefront related.  I got my inspiration for the following webcomic when I was playing as a Rebel in the Battlefront beta (I’ve been working on this for a while..) and I watched an ...

Webcomic! – Luke Crywalker

Webcomic! – Luke Crywalker

Steven Universe Fan Art: Peridot

Steven Universe Fan Art: Peridot Artwork by

Webcomic: Scrotes’ Unboxing

Webcomic made by

Steven Universe Fan Art: Garnet

Steven Universe Fan Art: Garnet Artwork by

Spocktopus: Woman Of A Dozen Faces

Spocktopus: Woman Of A Dozen Faces 2nd in command for Starship Geek Lyfe, Spocktopus is awesome incarnate. She loves all things geeky and has no problem letting the world know. Checking her bank account, you may be surprised by just how much of her finances goes to video games, various geeky box services, anime, manga, seasons of TV shows and so much more. Her passion far exceeds just being a spec...

He Did It! He Saved The City…R-Right?

He Did It! He Saved The City…R-Right?

Interview: AC Stuart/Noob The Loser

Interview: AC Stuart/Noob The Loser Tumblr can but a frightening yet magical place filled of artists, writers, indie videos, and every possible fan fic your mind could conjure up. I tend to find the best writing advice and fantasy artwork so I too am a slave to it’s mysterious ways. On one fateful day, reblogging every post in my feed as I did every other day, I came across a D&D inspire...

Interview: Kylie LaRee

Interview: Kylie LaRee During Phoenix Comicon I vowed to make a hard push to get the Geek Lyfe’s name out there. I had a list of people who I wanted to interview and hunted them down all convention. One of those names was Lindsay Elyse, a well known cosplayer who is a local from Arizona. I visited her booth a number of times, almost every time she was surrounded by fans. The first few times ...

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