Connor Heinzmann Photography

Feature: Chocozumo (Photographer)

Feature: Chocozumo (Photographer) In Arizona we have such a rich and vibrant cosplay community filled of talented Cosplayers, costumer makers, convention organizers, and especially cosplay photographers. One of these photographers in particular does a fantastic job with his camera, lights, and photo shop. On top of all of this, he is so young to boot! His name is Connor Heinzmann and he goes profe...

Fantastic AZ Photographers (And Where To Find Them)

Fantastic AZ Photographers (And Where To Find Them) During Taiyou Con, I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite cosplayers, Mae Dae Cosplay. After gushing about Steven Universe and conventions, she mentioned how she wanted to get really great photos of her costumes but had no idea who would do it or how they are as professionals. This stopped me in my tracks because I was under the mis...

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