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Looking For More Writers!

Looking For More Writers! Hey folks! We here at The Geek Lyfe are looking to bring on more writers in order to get more coverage over certain areas. While we are mainly based in Arizona, we have members in various parts of the United States. Ideally we would like to bring on people from the major states such as: California, New York, Texas, and Washington. We also would absolutely love coverage ov...

The Geek Lyfe Interviews Mega64!

The Geek Lyfe Interviews Mega64! At the time of writing this, it is the third and final day of Taiyou Con 2017. This year had a ton of great aspects to it but we’ll save that for the review! For this article we want to show you guys our interview with a group of incredible YouTubers called Mega 64! If you are not familiar with their content, they are comedians who takes the world of video ga...

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