Slice Of Life

Review: Your Name

Review: Your Name As many know, a number f our staff here at The Geek Lyfe are weebs. Wars have been raged internally about which method of anime is best: Subbed or Dubbed many times. (Subbed for lyfe!) One thing we all can agree on is that Your Name blew our minds and made us feel all the feels. If you are unfamiliar with the 2016 film, it’s the story of two high schoolers who live normal l...

Anime Review: Ore Monogatari

Anime Review:¬†Ore Monogatari Hey friends! Looking for an incredible anime series to become addicted to? Well, I am here to offer you one of my personal favorites! The title is Ore Monogatari and it’s such a pure, happy, slice of life anime. When I say pure, I mean you can expect nothing but great laughs and happiness in every episode, this anime is here to make you enjoy life for those brief...

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