Super Heroes

Top Grossing Movies based off Marvel Comics

Top Grossing Movies based off Marvel Comics Marvel Comics first launched super hero titles in 1961. With these amazing heroes, it is natural that they would become the inspiration for movies as well as casino games on your mobile. Every year, approximately three movies are produced that have a story line based off of Marvel Comics. Part of this trend can be attributed to the proven success of thes...

Review: Suicide Squad

Review: Suicide Squad by Nichole Nance I’ll be honest when I say that I did not have very high hopes for this movie. As a long time fan of Joker and Harley and having been recently introduced to the Suicide Squad thanks to DC Comics’ New 52 comic series, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when the first reveal of the cast came out last year. To this day, I personally believe a majority of the costume desig...

Phoenix Symphony: Super Heroes

Phoenix Symphony: Super Heroes  I have always loved the symphony and have a deep appreciation for classical musical. Unfortunately, I had never had the pleasure of attending a symphony myself, I had always watched videos of performances on Youtube or listened to the incredible music on various music outlets. Imagine my surprise when a fellow writer for Geek Lyfe mentioned to me that Phoenix Sympho...

Mutants and Masterminds! Alpha and the adventure of the Black House Part 1.

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