Overwatch Christmas Loot Boxes | The Quest For The Nutcracker (Video)

  Quest for the Nutcracker:  The Mei-levolent Discovery   2016 has been filled with a lot of ups and downs.  Mostly downs for the majority of people.  There is one thing, however, that has been consistently good to us throughout the year.  Overwatch. Blizzard has done an amazing job of keeping gamers enthralled in their games, and Overwatch has been no exception.  The assortment of diffe...

Ani-May Nerd Block Unboxing!

Ani-May Nerd Block Unboxing! Alrighty folks! Here is the Sassy goblin and I’s unboxing video fro May’s Nerd Block! It’s a bit late this time since Nerd Block was moving warehouses so their shipping was offset by that. However we still got it in the end and BOY was it worth it! With a theme like ani-MAY how could it not be? Please excuse the length of this video, we got a bit side...

Kung Fury

Kung Fury A film that I have been dying to see ever since it’s kickstarted was first launched is Kung Fury. It is a Swedish film filled of all things awesome. The hype for this film has been enormous as the internet was given small clips and art work of the progress as a reward for their patience. The best part about the film? It’s completely free! Here is more information on Kung Fury...

May Loot Crate Unboxing With Powerforce

May Loot Crate Unboxing With Powerforce Join Powerforce as he unboxes his latest Loot Crate for the month of May!

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing!

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing! Hey everyone! Spocktopus here with the unboxing of the very first Marvel Collector Corps!! This box’s theme was Age of Ultron! Wondering if you should subscribe to this box? Take a look at my video and see what’s inside this month’s box to help you decide. *Spoiler Alert* YOU SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BOX* Click here to subscribe to Marvel Collecto...

Loot Crate Unveiling – April Edition

Loot Crate Unveiling – April Edition Hey everyone! My name is Powerforce and I am an admin for the Geek Lyfe website and Facebook page! This is a spin off to Spocktopus’ Nerd Block video. This is my first time opening a Loot Crate, so I was looking forward to seeing what was going to be in it. If you are interested in finding more geeky content, videos, reviews and articles, follow us ...

Did someone order a helping a feels: Tamara

Did someone order a helping a feels: Tamara Tamara_Film from Jason Marino on Vimeo. This wonderful short film displays the beauty of blissful ignorance and the immense love and support a parent should have, no matter what their child’s dream is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go wipe my eyes I think I got dust in them or something. A child’s dream will overcome her circumstances...

Woah: Theory behind Super Smash Lore

Woah: Theory behind Super Smash Lore The masterminds behind Game Theory come out with their interpretation of the Super Smash franchise. I don’t want to spoil anything but I will say that they took me by surprise and I am completely convinced that this they stumbled upon the truth. I’ll never be able to look at these games the same way ever again!

Adventure time: Gritty Reboot

Gritty Reboot does it again with their rendition of Adventure Time. The feels are real my friends. Enjoy.

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