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The Arcana: A Mystic Romance That Everyone Needs to Play

If you’re a sucker for fantasy dating sims, like me, then Nyx Hydra’s The Arcana is the game for you. The visual novel style game has been available on both Apple’s App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android since 2017 and has started to really gain traction in the last year or so. The fandom has been steadily growing, as more and more people have discovered the gem of an app and the captiva...

ESCAPE JOURNEY and COYOTE: Yaoi Manga Publisher SuBLime to Launch Two New Titles Available This Fall!

If you haven’t heard, SuBLime is one of the top yaoi manga publishers in the industry, aiming to provide an outstanding collection to English-speaking readers across the globe! In the upcoming months, SuBLime, in partnership with VIZ Media, is set to debut two new manga series: Escape Journey by Ogeretsu Tanaka and Coyote by Ranmaru Zariya. Tanaka’s Escape Journey is rated ‘M’ for Mature and tells...

Cheshsmiles Takes On Stan Lee’s Comic Con 2017!

Cheshsmiles Takes On Stan Lee’s Comic Con 2017! Hey friends! Cheshsmiles here and when I heard that I would get to cover Stan Lee’s Comic Con, I was over the moon. Having had friends who had previously attended and hearing them rave about it, as well as the various high profile guests (including the Man himself: Stan Lee) it set up the perfect storm for me to have some pretty high expectatio...

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