Deshawn Thomas

The Disaster Artist is Equal Parts Heartwarming and Bizarre

My obsession with delightfully horrid movies knows no bounds (I have several gigs worth of strange indie films on my laptop). Beyond merely viewing them, I want to learn everything I can about the events and people that led to their existence. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that I read The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero’s book about his unlikely bromance with the mysterious Tommy W...

DeLa Doll Thoughts: Bliss Is Not A Stereotype

DeLa Doll Thoughts: Bliss is not a stereotype By DeLa Doll Cosplay I have some mixed feelings. Initially, I was cautiously enthused (an oxymoron, I know) about the fact that there would be a fourth Powerpuff Girl, and that she would be black. I’m one of those people that gets sad when a story ends. I always want universes to keep building upon themselves and giving me something new (within r...

DragonCon 2017: the Good, the Bad, and the Chair

DragonCon 2017: the Good, the Bad, and the Chair Written by Dela Doll Cosplay For five days, nerds of every color and creed swarmed every nook and cranny of downtown Atlanta…and it was epic in every sense of the word. DragonCon 2017 was my very first, and I found myself amazed in overwhelmed. I’ve heard for years that DragonCon was regarded as a “party con”, and discovered ...

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