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Star Wars Pin Ups

Star Wars Pinups Created by Timothy Lim / ninjaink Prints and shirts available at redbubble. Tumblr || DeviantArt

Incredible Cosplayer(and quite possibly the most awesome woman ever): Rosanna Rocha

This is Rosanna Rocha Cosplayer one of my all time favorite Cosplayers! “Grew up playing video games and looking at comics with the older bro. Expanded into anime and so forth. I love meeting new people, and new friends. It’s also great meeting new people who are into similar interests. Some of my cosplays consist of Mileena of Mortal Kombat, Starfire of DC Comics, Psylocke, ...

Muppet Lantern Corps…wait…what?!

Muppet Lantern Corps by ~mimi-na


I’ve decided to go to the Phoenix Comic Con this year and Cos play as a Sergeant of the Imperial Guard 😀 I’ll be sure to post pics on how I did it!

An incredible night of gaming with two buddies of mine!

My brand new guardsmen preparing to take on the Blood Angels and Necrons! So far so good!  Snipers taking out infantry and enemy Necron taking out a tank that had the intention of coming for me! (I smell heresy…)Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he finally got into assaulting distance and wreaked havoc on my men! D:Even with Commissar Yarrick lending a claw(Get it? c:), the Space marines stil...

Star Wars with a Victorian era style? Classy stuff

GREG PELTZ These wonderful Victorian styled portraits of Star Wars characters were done by Greg Peltz whom works at Pixar. And if you are a Star Wars fan and want to hang these in your home you can purchase the prints at &

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