Welp there goes my money…

by bomdesignzShirts available here

Megaman Tribute

Megaman Tribute Created by Christian

Penguin and Joker art

Penguin & Joker by Francesco Mattina

Warhammer 40k: BoLS Battle report #126 Imperial Guard vs Necrons

A friend of mine actually got me hooked on watching these Battle reports. They are pretty much recorded matches between their friends as they play WAR40k. Great way on getting tips and tricks on the battle field or even to just sit and enjoy watching to fully painted armies go at it! To check out more visit their Youtube page: Bells of Lost Souls

Geek girl of the day!

Tumblr User: raggedyandie

Geek girl of the day!

I get a lot of my content from this user who has an incredible eye for awesome stuff! She is definitely I wonderful person to follow! jackiewillsaveme

Geek girl of the day!

Tumblr User: ladywankenobi who I may or may not have a huge crush on.

Geek girl of the day!

Tumblr User: beautiful-sithlord

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