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Seven Deadly Sins of Cosplay Photography

Seven Deadly Sins of Cosplay Photography We here at The Geek Lyfe love and adore the cosplay community and everything it stands for. It is such a powerful and p...


An Interview with the Fantastic Indie D&D Podcast: The Four Orbs

Ladies and gentlemen I have a fantastic group of content creators to showcase for you today! They are a Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Podcast by the name o...

Cosplay Lyfe

10 Black Kings and Queens of Cosplay Vol 1.

Cover photo by Chocozumo Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so very much for being here today! We’re gonna highlight the hard work and talent of 10 incredibl...

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Tired Gamers! Here’s How To Make Gaming Enjoyable Again

There have been many gaming subcultures that have popped up through celebrating a worldwide love of video games. Some might exclusively enjoy card games, some J...


5 Ways to Be a Better Apex Legends Player

Apex Legends has stolen my heart and I have become horribly addicted. In the many many hours of playing, I have noticed a trend amongst good players and bad. In...


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