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We have met a lot of wonderful human beings over the years and want to showcase them to our fans! Each and every one of these content creators are incredible in their own right and absolutely deserve your time and attention!

Bytes N Brews

With the advent of online gaming and Couch Co-op slowly fading into the distance, Bytes N’ Brews wants to bring back the pure, unadulterated fun that was had when a couple of friends got together and just played some video games. In order to help them on their quest they’ve added a little liquid courage in the form of thematically paired beers for each game they play.

By introducing alcoholic beverages, they send a clear message that this particular channel is not for children (or at least that

The Sick Boy’s Method

An independent punk rock band, designed by & for the boldest open-minds, the artistically inspired and transcendentally charged.


Con Freaks and Geeks are a incredible media outlet that focuses on conventions, cosplay, and so much more! If you enjoy our content I absolutely guarantee that you’ll enjoy theirs as well. Be sure to check them out at:

Sincerely Sam is an artist local to Arizona who produces quality content. While she is most well known for her art, she is also a published author, tarot card reader, and great at Dungeons and Dragons! She can be found selling her wares and charming convention goers at most more events. Check out their work at:

Michael owns and operates an independent art online store by the name of Designs by Broz. There he sells a number of great pieces of art work that ranges from wood burning to glass etching. He is a man of his word, ensures quality, and has a great selection of wares. Check him out at:

Mort Productions

Tony Julius Photography

Courtex Studios

Imperial Outpost Games


  1. Avatar

    That’s cool that you guys support the cosplay community so much, it’s definitely become a negative thing with popularity – positivity is def needed.

    • Darth Mexican

      Hey there!

      We appreciate the kind words! 🙂 We try our best to make the world shine just a bit brighter each day!

      I hope you have a great weekend!


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