Cosplayer of the Year 2017

Cosplayer of the Year 2017

Here at The Geek Lyfe, we love cosplay and know that every single cosplayer is fantastic in their own way. However, out of the various cosplayers we have interviewed in the past, we thought it would be a great idea to have Cosplayers of the Year! Above image was created by the fantastic Chocozumo!

These few are folks who put their heart and soul in their work. Social media likes be damned! It is the quality of work, the amount of new cosplays debuted, character, creativity, and the courage to do things they aren’t used to that makes a cosplayer great!

We worked hard to reduce a great list of costumers consisting of around 65+, down to only 15. Two of these cosplayers were hand picked by Darth Mexican and Deegan Marie from 2016 to participate because they knocked it out of the park with their cosplays and could not be denied! These two cosplayers are Amber Skies and Sara Moni. At the end of the day, all of these cosplayers are wonderful! This entire event is to highlight tremendous cosplayers and their achievements, in the year of 2017. Even though there are only two winners, every single one of them is a champion!

Our two awards are People’s Champ and Editor’s Pick. The People’s Champ award is open to the public. They are invited to vote for three cosplayers they think deserve the award! Please keep in mind their quality, quantity, integrity, and originality when voting.

The Editor’s Pick is done behind the scenes by staff. We will discuss which of these 15 cosplayers is our personal favorite and should be followed in 2018 because we know just how fantastic they were, are, or will be!

Voting ends on the 23rd of February and winners are announced on February 24th! If the winner is located in Arizona, they will get free access to all of our photography events this year and a Geek Lyfe shirt of their choice. If the winner is located outside of Arizona they will receive $100 and a Geek Lyfe shirt of their choice!

While we do want to reward our winners for their hard work last year, the main purpose here is really to promote these incredible cosplayers. They all deserve your follow, and it would mean the world to them. They will no doubt accomplish so much in this coming year that you will not want to miss out!

Here’s some intense menu music to listen to while choosing!

Amber Arden is one of the biggest sweet-hearts you will ever meet in your entire life. Obviously she’s a great cosplayer, but as a person she is so kind and welcoming. This year we met her at Anime Expo and she was nothing but warm smiles and was happy to talk to us about her and her cosplay career. The reasons we chose to nominate her are the sheer volume of costumes she comes out with, her mastery of the art of posing, how unique her costumes are, and her charm.

With her background being fashion design, it is no surprise that she would be skilled in the art of cosplay but that isn’t enough alone to stand above the rest. What Amber Arden does is merge her favorite fandoms with cosplay which produces such creative results like the Snowba Fett and Disney Princess Togepi. Spend five minutes with the woman and you’ll find it hard not to love her to death!

Where to even begin with Amber Skies? She is hands down one of the most hardworking cosplayers we have had the joy of knowing. Every encounter with Amber is nothing but a blessing; she brings good vibes no matter the situation. Having been a geek all of her life, she has a wealth of fandoms to pull from for inspiration and does so regularly with each new design. One of the main aspects that I love about Amber Skies is that she dances between anime, gaming, comics, and films, all without breaking stride.

Basic and Amber Skies can never be found even remotely close together. If she cosplays a character from a work of fiction, you can bet it’ll be the most difficult one. Jareth, Forest Spirit, Nebula, Shadow, Billy, and more. In all honesty, she will be remembered for years to come and we are very lucky to have a front seat to watching her grow.

Cheshsmiles was a dark horse for me. I was first introduced to her at our Swim Suit cosplay photography event when she came as Tracer. I followed her afterwards and watched how in a matter of months she came out with Sombra, Junko, two Widowmaker costumes, D.Va, and more. Her turn around time for costumes was unreal and she rocked them everywhere she went!

I have been blown away by her hard work and determination time and again. We’re all grateful she came into our lives!

Cynorme is such a hidden gem in the cosplay community. She is so young and yet is brimming with such immense talent and charisma! While she specializes in anime and gaming cosplays, she bounces between characters ranging from the most beautiful of women to the most handsome of men. It is one thing to be physically attractive and to wear a great cosplay, but to do so in both genders and be so down to earth on top of everything is incredible!

Cynorme is a cosplayer that will absolutely go places as the years roll on! We are so honored to have been able to interview her!

Elfyaubrie is one of the most unique cosplayers in the community for a number of reasons! While she is a very beautiful woman, she chooses to go above and beyond to cosplay the oddest of characters that are usually of a very intimidating nature. She may look as though she’ll steal your soul, but she is one of the sweetest human beings you’ll ever meet with boundless energy! She comes and goes from conventions at a whim in mind-blowingly good costumes and is always looking to have a great time! She can not be compared nor duplicated; she stands alone in her amazing style of cosplay and for that level of originality, we just had to include her in this year’s Cosplayer of the Year!

Game2Hype is a master of the art of taking advantage of the supplies he has around him in order to make a great cosplay. While other cosplayers can drop hundreds of dollars for materials or a pre-made costume, Game2Hype forges his own suits at a quarter of the cost and still outshines the competition. He has a firm rule about cosplaying any character you enjoy, regardless of skin tone and we have such respect for that. While he is well known for cosplaying Lucio from Overwatch, he has also knocked it out of the park with Jotaro, Static Shock, Bishop, Django, Matt and more!

Although all cosplayers know the vice of being a procrastinator, Game2Hype literally can finish a costume in the hotel run day of and still be featured by various outlets for how amazing his costume is!

Hendo Art is a master at the art of not only crafting appealing costumes but also modeling. There is a common give and take with cosplayers when it comes to creating a great cosplay and also posing for photos well enough to really do it justice. Most cosplayers are either better at one or the other, but Hendo Art is great at both! She knows what she likes and looks best in and sticks to doing cosplays of that nature which results in consistent, stellar results.

Even with her incredible skills, she maintains a very humble and inviting nature. We were so shy about talking to her and even when we did, we stumbled over our words and she did nothing but greet us with a warm smile and was happy to answer our questions!

Khainsaw is one of Darth Mexican’s personal favorite cosplayers in the community. She is beautiful, she has the ability to create out standing costumes that are diverse, she is talented in the craft of modeling, and more. For these reasons alone, she would have automatically been thrust into the nomination for Cosplayer of the Year but the woman goes even further than that. Not only is Khainsaw a damn good cosplayer, but she also does her own photo shoots, sets up her prints, organizes her Patreon, and more on her own. To be a successful model, photographer, and entrepreneur is jaw dropping to say the least.

Every conversation with her reveals sharp intelligence behind her eyes and from her lips spill her honest opinions with facial expressions that turn into legitimate reactions. That sheer honesty, hardwork, hustle, and dedication causes her to stand out so much from the rest.

Krash cosplay is charming, fun, talented, and down to earth. I remember first meeting Krash Cosplay and thinking she hated me and the ground beneath my feet. Every elevator, convention, or hall pass experience, I thought she was throwing shade. It was a shame because I loved her work! She twisted every costume and character to her own liking so that it stood out from the crowd. This went on for almost a year before I actually got the chance to have a conversation with the woman herself. Much to my surprise, she did not hate me, and in fact she admitted that she was a fan and wanted to be friends.

From that one conversation, I learned that I was dead wrong about her and her personality! She was kind hearted and found it so easy to laugh. She was simply shy, and went to conventions to show off her hard work, hang out with friends, and have a great time without trying to cause drama. There is something zen about this lifestyle and I admire her for all of her hard work, humbleness, and humility.

GAH, LUNAR LYN! The woman is a goddess, plain and simple. Every convention that comes up, she debuts a cosplay that somehow outshines her previous work, which is almost impossible because everything she does is incredible. She commands the convention floor with her grace and majesty, yet when you sit her down for a conversation she is such a goofball. While she does care about her craft immensely, and until the masquerade/photo shoots are finished she is laser focused on the task at hand, it’s the moments after that I cherish the most. She is fun, down to earth, always willing to give advice, and jokes around with friends in such a casual nature.

Lvcky Diamond Cosplay is another up-and-coming cosplayer that I have enjoyed watching grow these past couple years. While she did start out, as many cosplayers have, doing Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, she has grown well beyond that character. In such a short time, she has walked the halls of conventions as Poison Ivy, Rogue, Alice(Resident Evil), Panther(Persona5), Scarlet Witch, Cortana, Leia, and more. For being a newer cosplayer, she has hit the ground running with her costumes. While she is still improving on many aspects of her craft, she has such potential that it won’t be long until she walking right alongside the titans!

The only bad thing about her is that she is a Red Wings fan.

Muncho Mania is legitimately a unicorn. She knows exactly what she loves and chases it with reckless abandon. While the rest of the world wants to be whatever new character from the most recent movie, she wants to cosplay as a side character from Dragon Ball Z that only lived for a few episodes. Not only that, but she goes above and beyond in order to do so and does not stop until she gets the cosplay to perfection. If you ask her about why she loves her various fandoms, she’ll explode with such fire and passion that it is hard not to be swept away.

While cosplaying and modeling are great aspects of this culture, she prefers to use her hobby for good. She is the president of the Arizona Avengers and helps those children who suffer from terrible sicknesses by entertaining them as their favorite heroes. She craves not fame, nor money; she just wishes to test the limits of her abilities as a costumer while surrounded by good company and great times. She truly embodies the best of the Cosplay Community, and I am honored to have interviewed her.

Q-Ki cosplay is everything I love about the cosplay community in a nutshell. She drowns herself in projects to ensure every new cosplay looks just as good, if not better, than before. While doing that, she also finds the time to participate in various groups that focus on entertaining the public from Dobutsu Lounge to a maid cafe by the name of Sumuji! After showing off her latest costumes and doing photo shoots, she gets with friends and geeks out about her favorite fandoms.

To watch one of the best cosplayers in Arizona go from hardcore hustling mode to finish a costume, to working various events, to looking stunning in shoots, and then to turn into such a geek is wonderful. She is hands down a great cosplayer in every sense of the word!

Sara Moni doesn’t walk, she glides. She wakes up and is flawless in every way. All photos of her are unedited and straight from the camera because that is just how majestic she is. In all seriousness though, Sara Moni is one of the best and brightest Arizona has to offer. We are lucky to be able have her so close that we can see her at tons of conventions and strike a conversation with her. She is a model that has been featured on the cover of magazines. While physical beauty isn’t enough to make you a cosplayer of the year, it is hard to deny that Sara is grand!

When it comes to costumes, I love that she chooses a diverse cast of characters from Jeice from Dragon Ball Z, to a female version of Lizardman from Spiderman, to Tails from Sonic. These character are so out of left field but then next thing you know, she appears as Storm, Sailor Pluto, or Gamora and just steals the show.

ThermoCosplay is someone we look up to. She is a cosplayer, photographer, writer, and still finds time to consume tons of geeky content. She writes for a great blog by the name of Fan Girl Nation on everything about cosplay and conventions! When it comes to cosplay, she crafts her costumes with such care and consideration, her poses for photos are on point, and it is always a pleasure to talk with her. The characters that she takes on vary in genders and genres. Thane from Mass Effect is a prime example of a character not many would take on, and yet she brought the house down with it! She is such an inspiration to myself and our staff for not only taking on the beast that is cosplay, but also a number of other projects and tasks along with it! 10/10 for her hustle!

Time To Vote!

Because there are so many cosplayers, we’ve given you 3 votes! Check the box for the cosplayers you believe deserve to win and then punch that ‘Vote’ button! Be sure to also check out these fantastic cosplayers at their social media pages!

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