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Fuckerman by Bambook is an Animated NSFW Game Gaining Momentum

Bambook is a game designer that has created a game franchise called Fuckerman. Fuckerman is a game where you search a map in search of items to help solve puzzles and that then allow you to have sex with various women. The original game was the Russian Village and after it became beloved by the community, various sequels spawned. While there are many NSFW games out there that allow you to have sex...[Read More]

Derpixon’s Party Games is NSFW Goodness

For those of you who might be more conservative in your online searches, you may not have ever encountered the works of Derpixon. To sum up this artist in only a few words: They are incredible in the art of creating NSFW animated content. Specifically, I am here to discuss Party Games which is an animated short where a few friends play a simple game while also being surrounded by bunny rape demons...[Read More]

(NSFW)VR Cosplay Porn Is a Thing That Exists on the Internet!

Someone has taken the art of cosplay, where folks pour their hard work and effort into bringing to life their favorite fictional character and combined it with porn. To go a step further, they made it into Virtual Reality porn where users who have access to a VR headset can actually move their head and see more of the scene than normal. The videos range from anime series like Darling in the Franxx...[Read More]

(NSFW)Yup, a Dragon Ball Z Porn Parody Exists called Dragon Boob Z

Wood Rocket has done it again by coming out with a porn parody of iconic anime series, Dragon Ball Z. This film is called Dragon Boob Z and features Gokoose, played by Brenna Sparks , who looks on Craigslist for a “Hot Anime Girl Looking For Aliens to Come Fuck My Planet Into Oblivion”. As we can expect, some of the most infamous villains appear that have a striking resemblance to char...[Read More]

World’s First Adult eSports Tournament is Launched by Nutaku

Nutaku is the world’s leading adult gaming platform and they have teamed up with (NSFW)YouPorn to make the first ever adult eSports tournament called Lewd Gaming Championship. November 5th to the 9th, sixty four players will battle it out in single elimination matches on Tits ‘N Tanks. About Tits ‘n’ Tanks The Spiritual Induction System has been activated, allowing new weapons to come ...[Read More]

(NSFW)Wonder Woman: A XXX Trans Parody Exists!

Transsexual studio, TransAngels released its very first porn parody Wonder Woman: A XXX Trans Parody. It was released at the end of November, 2017 but it is so awesome that I wanted to write about it! TransAngels is looking to forge a new path in the Transsexual aspect of the porn parody community by creating content with trans leads. The films are story driven, high quality videos, and the best i...[Read More]

(NSFW)There Is, in Fact, Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody and It Might Be Better Than the Original

The craze of Superhero films has captured the hearts of so many. So many in fact that it comes as no surprise that porn parodies of these major franchises have come to light! This one in particular is Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody which may be a surprise when I inform you that it is a parody of Justice League! Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody was shot in Barcelona, Spain and includes various el...[Read More]

Looking for a Good Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Try ‘Hand Solo: A DP XXX Parody’!

When Solo, a Star Wars film dedicated to the origin story of our favorite scruffy looking nerf herder, was announced fans became divided on whether they would love or hate the film. these reasons were based on the actor chosen to play the infamous Han Solo as well as creative directions that the film took. Our very own Saint loved the film and wept at the beautiful of it all! You can check out her...[Read More]

Punisher Erotic Fan Fic? Yup. Check Out The Finisher!

HIGHLY NSFW Need some quality superhero content to make you feel better after Avengers: Infinity War? Well the folks over at  Digital Playground has provided fans with The Finisher which seems inspired by good ol Punisher! Starring Skylar Snow, Dana DeArmond, Dolly Leigh, Michael Vegas and Johnny Castle as the titular ‘Finisher’, the film’s synopsis explores one man’s obsession with serving justic...[Read More]

In Lust With Witcher Characters? You’ll Enjoy Its NSFW Parody: The Betwitcher!

The fine folks at Digital Playground have released their latest nerdy parody, The Bewitcher. The Bewitcher is no doubt inspired by the beloved franchise Witcher that took the gaming world by storm with the release of its third installment in 2015. Since its release, erotic fan fiction, cosplays, and so much more had been created by fans in order to satisfy their love for the game. This all comes a...[Read More]

Real Talk: SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque 2018 is Their Best Show to Date

To make this article short and sweet, you need to drop what you are doing and snag tickets to the SuicideGirl’s Blackheart Burlesque show when it comes to your town. If you are unfamiliar with their brand, the SuicideGirls are a website focused on celebrating the beauty of alternative models. We have interviewed Missy Suicide, who is the owner and founder of Suicide Girls not once, not twice...[Read More]

(NSFW)Digital Playground Releases Star Wars XXX Parody and is Less Controversial Than Actual Star Wars Film

(NSFW)Digital Playground Releases Star Wars XX Parody and is Less Controversial Than Actual Star Wars Film Look, lets just all be real for a moment and admit that The Last Jedi was one of the most unique Star Wars films as of late. Fans from galaxies far, far away found themselves aruging over the finer points of the film. However, admist this chaos the fine folks at Digital Playground released th...[Read More]

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