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A Work of Wooden Art That Tells Time! – Jord Watch Review and Giveaway!

Watches are incredible pieces of technology that have helped us tremendously throughout time because they show us what the literal time is. Over the years, watc...[Read More]

Heartless Aquarius Takes on Sabakon 2018

Hey everyone, Heartless here! It’s time to for another convention review. This time I went to Las Vegas to attend Sabakon, for the first time. Sabakon was an absolute blast. Not only is the Neva...[Read More]

Nerd News with Bytes N’ Brews Episode 3: Live Action Cowboy Bebop, Blade Runner Anime, Daredevil Cancelled

Last week, Nerd News tackled movies. This week, it’s been a busy week for series. Some good, some bad, and some… we should be reserving judgement on until we see proof, but we’ve bee...[Read More]

Cobalt Cosplay Takes on MCM London Comic Con 2018

It was that time of year again! Reed Pop took over the Excel Exhibition centre for yet another huge MCM London Comic Con, this time in the freezing cold with a strong breeze, with the crowds indoors t...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe 2018 Staff Shoot

Every year we love to get the team together and take photos of everyone to celebrate another year of hustling and adventures! We hit up our homie Connor, AKA Chocozumo, for a shoot and asked The Grid ...[Read More]


Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past Raid has Its World First Clear

Bungie’s flagship title, Destiny 2, launched a brand spankin’ new raid at 9:00 AM PST, this morning. The new raid is titled Scourge of the Past, and...


Tucson Comic-Con 2018 Review

Every single year, I hear from all of our dear friends about how wonderful Tucson Comic-Con and every single time I was filled with such regret that I was unabl...

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Accomplished Cosplayer and Incredible Human Being, Mike Biasi, Has Passed Away

Accomplished Cosplayer and Incredible Human Being, Mike Biasi, Has Passed Away It is rare in life to...

Cosplayer of the Year 2017

Darth Mexican here! We have finished up with our 2017 Cosplayer of the Year event where we gathered ...

Five Guests We Want to See on Harmon Quest Season 3

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Critical Role Set to Split from Geek & Sundry

Breaking news this morning in the tabletop gaming community!   Critical Role, the multi-platfor...

Pro Twitch Streamer, Dodger, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Clarke

(There is a video that auto plays, I am unable to stop it unfortunately. D: Scroll down to pause the...

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The Best VPN for Netflix

Netflix is the world’s primary streaming service. The amount of content available on Netflix far exceeds any other streaming service. Whether you are looking fo...

Saint Reviews Bohemian Rhapsody!

To even try to explain what, the band, Queen did for music would always fall short of an understatement. As one of the most phenomenally eclectic and experiment...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Takes Over Bonus Round for Music and Gaming!

We know what you really want. To drink, eat, support local talent, hang out with good people, and pl...[Read More]

Music Lyfe: Celtic Woman Concert Review by Tidesiren

Hey you guys! Tidesiren here once again. I wanted to take a stab at writing something a little diffe...[Read More]

Music Lyfe: Interview with No Refills

Many of you readers know and love our staff member, Saint! If you didn’t know, she is a talent...[Read More]

LOVEBITES Interview at Hyper Japan

LOVEBITES Interview Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2017 Hey! Cobalt here, back with the first ever int...[Read More]

Table Top

How to Become a Stronger Role Player in Any Table Top RPG

Today we’ll be teaching you how to become a stronger role player in any table-top RPG! Dungeons & Dragons, or any table top role playing game, is an i...[Read More]

Dungeons and Date Nights Episode 8: The Gang Touches Old People

Hey there friends! I am here to bring you this episode of Dungeons & Date Nights! If you are unf...[Read More]

How the Geek Lyfe Saved [Non-Denominational Festivities] – D&D Charity Event!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we here at The Geek Lyfe have such a huge passion and love for...[Read More]

Dungeons & Date Nights Episode 7: The Gelatinous Genocide Party!

Hey there friends! I am here to bring you episode seven of Dungeons & Date Nights! If you are un...[Read More]

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Harmonquest Season 3 is in Production!

Produced by Universal Cable Productions and Starburns Industries, Harmonquest season 3 is in product...[Read More]

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