In a world under the constant threat of chaos magic, only one faction stands between order and destruction: You are the Emerald Templars. 
Brave souls from all walks of life, sworn to use your might and magic against unimaginable dangers.  Embark on harrowing quests to investigate and stop the occult. Encounter otherworldly enemies who command terrible power in depths of forsaken lands. All the while risking not just your body, but your mind and soul.  

Enjoy countless hours of gameplay, unexpected situations built by randomized tables, and a variety of classes, subclasses, heritages, and cultures to choose from. A team of talented writers and artists have poured their heart and soul into this game to help ensure that you and your fellow Templars will have a wonderful experience unlike any other.

Who are the Emerald Templars?

The Emerald Templars are a neutral faction dedicated to protecting every nation in the known world from the effects of chaos magic in its many forms. Each nation contributes recruits and resources to the Templars as a long-honored tradition of tribute to their past deeds. Though, not everyone thinks they are necessary.
Over the years, peace and prosperity have caused the Emerald Templars to have less of a presence as most nations can defend themselves from threats both domestic and foreign. The Emerald Templars are now considered a symbolic force more than something to take seriously. Many sign up to pay off debts, build renown, or avoid prison time. 
In recent times, however, more and more odd occurrences have been plaguing each nation. The dead rising, portals leading to other realms appearing, voices from the cosmos spreading forbidden knowledge, and more.  Now, the Emerald Templars are in high demand due to their specialization in such matters. 

What makes Emerald Templars unique?

  • Randomized tables activate on specific dice rolls to ensure every session will be unique.
  • Multiple stress limits require the player to manage not only the physical well-being of their character but also their emotional well-being. 
  • A straightforward dice system that is easy enough to grasp within a single session and yet has a good deal of depth to form strategies and unique builds.
  • A majority of the writing and artwork is done by indie BIPOC creatives allowing them the freedom to create the art in ways that represent their own cultures.
  • All contributors to Emerald Templars are paid fairly for their hard work and dedication to the project. Additional funding will go straight into the pockets of contributors as bonuses.
  • After a series of missions characters have the option to retire, allowing players to find closure in their character’s journey. This gives players the freedom to swap characters as they see fit and even bring older ones out of retirement. 
  • At the end of every session, experience points are provided to players to spend immediately or save in order to purchase larger upgrades in the forms of enhancing abilities, learning new ones, increasing a skill, etc. 


The dice system used in Emerald Templars is created by DeAngelo Murillo. The system operates based on a percentile die (1d10) that represents 0-90%. The bonuses featured on the character sheets will add to that score to check if their attempt at a trade skill, skill, or combat was a partial success, success, or critical success.
If the players wish to gain an advantage on their rolls, they have the option of tapping into vices for a boost to their accuracy or damage but at the cost of additional stress. Each use of a major action will cost exhaustion stress. Exhaustion allows for players to be able to freely use any ability they wish, as much as they wish, but if their exhaustion gets too high, they will gain penalties both major and minor depending on how exhausted they have become. 
This will cause players to consider their actions more carefully so that they are able to output as much damage or healing as possible while also trying not to stress out their characters too much. This has led to organic roleplay moments as players can clearly tell their character is filled with rage due to their anger stress being high and reacting to situations accordingly. Meanwhile, other players clearly understand their struggle and take the time to assist both with roleplay and in a mechanical way.


As a lifelong fan of the fantasy and TTRPG genre, I never felt fully represented.  I saw no prominent characters with dark brown skin who were valiant heroes fighting to save their homeland from destruction.  After waiting years for the ‘ideal’ TTRPG to be released that would provide great representation, I decided that enough was enough.  
I started to create a game that features artwork, mechanics, and lore that I had always wished existed. A tabletop roleplaying game that would celebrate the beauty of different cultures and would be written by people from those same cultures. I knew in order to do this, I would need to assemble an awesome team of writers and artists!

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