Emerald Templars – The Official Geek Lyfe World of Warcraft Guild

What kind of guild are you?

We are the Emerald Templars, a casual Horde raiding guild on Wyrmrest Accord (US-RP). We have a core raid team that pushes heroic content as quickly as possible, and does high level mythic plus keys. We welcome everyone to come with us to our normal raids that take place on Saturday, and to hang out with us in guild chat!

What are your raid times?

We raid from 6-9pm Pacific Standard Time on Thursdays and Saturdays. Once heroic progression is done, we full clear heroic on Thursday nights and run normal on Saturdays. Everyone is welcome to normal, but the heroic team does have some performance requirements.

How do I join?

Just ask! You can whisper Herzdieb/Schrei or Blackgrin in-game for an invite. If you’d like to join the core raiding team, whisper Herzdieb for more information on that!

What is the guild RP?

The Emerald Templars are a groups of mortals from all walks of life who worship the Dragon Aspect Ysera of the green dragonflight. Though Ysera was corrupted by Xavius and the Emerald Nightmare before being defeated by Tyrande

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