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Cosplay Swim Suit Shoot 2017!

By Chocozumo

Cosplay Swim Suit Shoot 2017!

Hey friends! Come one and come all to a The Geek Lyfe event that brings together cosplayers and cosplay photographers to bring forth dope pool shoots! I reached out to local photographers: Deegan Marie Photography, Peach Girl Photography, Astraea ArtsChocozumo, Courtex Studios, and Mort Productions about the idea and they were down to be apart of this! We highly recommend checking out their content because they do nothing but fantastic work! This could not have been made possible had nit not been for the incredible Cynorme! She allowed us to use her place as the location.


We had our event and it went fantastic! A ton of fantastic cosplayers came and worked with a number of photographers. ice cream was eaten, pizza devoured, beer and water consumed, and good times were had! Here is a video of the event!

Message from the organizer

When I was first setting up this event, it seemed like such a daunting task. However the community really came through and was supportive in every way! Huge thanks to wonderful folks like Cynorme for hosting the event, the photographers for attending, the cosplayers who participated, and the friends who were down to help out.

I have such a huge love for our Arizona cosplay community and to be able to put together an event that celebrates everyone’s talents was fantastic! On top of that we got to raise money for charity while everyone got photos, and networked with other people in our community. Sometimes it can feel like there are cliques on the convention scene and while there might never be a way to break all borders, I believe that events such as ours help bridge gaps.

I can not even begin to tell you how happy it made me to see everyone working together and having a great time. I hope to organize more events in the future that continue to support others and raise money for charity!

-Darth Mexican

Photographers Who Participated

Deegan Marie Photography

Deegan Marie Photography has helped The Geek Lyfe out on a number of projects and she always comes with such a hardworking attitude and hustles to get assignments finished to the best of her ability. When it comes to her clients, she brings even more to the table by offering her expert opinion on what looks best and whips out as much equipment as needed to ensure an exceptional product.

In addition to cosplay photography she has worked heavily on both product photography and band photography. There is a very good reason she is sought after so heavily in the community!

Where can you get more info: Website. Facebook.


Connor Heinzmann is an indie photographer thick with talent. He can constantly be running around with cosplayers to do awesome shoots. He is down to earth, fun, and always down to take on new challenges. Somehow, despite his incredible talent he remains humble. Working with him will result in a fun photo shoot with great photos!

Where can you get more info: Facebook 

Courtex Studios

CourteX Studio consistently pumps out great content with a number of great cosplayers both in the valley and out of it. He has talent, equipment, and dedication to all the projects he works and and a good amount of his clients say great things about him! he has such experience under his belt that working with him will always ensure you are in good hands that are not afraid of trying out new techniques!

Where can you get more info: Facebook

Astraea Arts

Daniel Son of Astraea Arts is young, hardworking, and wicked talented. He started professionally taking cosplay photography in his Junior year of Highschool and has only gotten better since. Despite his fantastic work, he always remains humble and down to earth with both cosplayers and his peers. He dove into the world of cosplay videography in 2016 and his videos were well received! I recommend keeping a close eye on Astraea Arts because there is no doubt in my mind that he will only get better from here.

Where can you get more info: Instagram. Facebook.

Peach Girl Photography

Peach Girl aka Ris has become a fast favorite of mine in the cosplay community! She is sweet, hardworking, and wicked talented. While she typically does band photography, she also does a good deal of cosplay photography and is the main photographer for the Dobutsu lounge. She is very experienced and we can not recommend her enough!

Where can you get more info: Facebook. Instagram. Website.

Mort Productions

Mort Productions is like a unicorn to me. I had never met the man and thought his photography was extraordinary which led me to believe he is some sort of photography demigod. I recently got to chat with him at Phoenix Comicon 2017 and he is a fantastic human being! He is an established photographer that is always up to big things and a lot of folks that have worked with him only further confirm his talent!

Where can you get more info: Facebook.  Website

Aerie Eme

Autumn Dayss


Brooke Williams



Frank and Nat’s Armory

Grace O’Connor

Heartless Aquarius


Know One’s Design

Laughing Puffin


Shallon Enlow


Sumer Breeze Cosplay

Latest Video!
Cosplay Swim Suit Shoot!

The 2018 Geek Lyfe Swim Suit Shoot is upon us! Last year we had a complete blast getting to bring together cosplayers and photographers to produce quality content. We had so much fun that we are bringing it back for another year! We will be shooting at the same location, which is Cynorme’s wonderful casa. A huge back yard equipped with a pool, hot tub, grassy area, waterfall, and more. Cosplayers: Cynorme, Aeris, and Cheshsmiles. Photo by Chocozumo.

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  • @squareenixusa and @crystaldynamics had a rad jungle temple set up with a couple of Lara Croft cosplayers adventuring through demo stations for @tombraider at E3! ⛏
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  • Shout out to the homie @theroguesiren who is being the real MVP and representing us over at #E3 this week! She stopped by the @fortnite booth to see all of the shenanigans they have to offer! 
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  • #Cosplay photo of the day goes to this incredible #harleyquinn #cosplayer who came to @mcmcomiccon ! Flawless! Beautiful! Wonderful!

#Photo by @demorafairy 
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  • Check out our homie's cover of Killer Queen! Ahhh! She is so dope! Make sure to follow her for more awesome content! 
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When you just kinda wing a cover song that you don’t even really know the words or chords too and just hope for the best. 🤷🏻‍♀️ • • •
Killer Queen — Queen 👑
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  • The homie @tidesiren is representing black and green  at @denvercomiccon ! We are so excited to see what they have to offer! 
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