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Interested in applying to be apart of The Geek Lyfe? Did you want to be a featured Cosplayer of the Week? Looking to promote your business via an article or purchase ad space? Feel free to check out more information on these processes before emailing us! It’ll help save both of us time to see if working together would be a great fit!

The Geek Lyfe Staff

Currently The Geek Lyfe has content creators on staff including writers, photographers, editors, and more. I should warn you now that none of us get paid a dime for everything we do. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this website because we believe in bringing fellow geeks content that will inspire or entertain them for the better. Through different methods we do bring in some small amount of money but this gets turned around and spent on new equipment or convention costs for staff. I will note that we have been recognized by most conventions as Press and have been given badges.

We are looking to bring on content creators from anywhere other than Phoenix, Arizona. We do have staff in  California and in the UK but their numbers are small and could most definitely use more help. You’ll be expected to create a piece of content(Video, Article, Twitch, Interview, Review etc.) at least twice a month, attend meetings as often as you can, and help out if you are able with events in your area. A working PC or Mac that has access to semi good internet would be ideal that way you can attend Discord meetings.
If you’d like additional information or would like to reach out to us for an interview, feel free to email us at Darthmexican@thegeeklyfe.com with information on yourself and why you believe you’d be a great fit to be on staff.

The proper subject line for this would be Application – <Your Name> – The Geek Lyfe.

Cosplayer of the Week

We are always looking for awesome cosplayers to feature on our website and welcome everyone! Our requirements for Cosplayer of the Week are as simple as having an active social media page, having more than one cosplay completed, and being a positive member of the community. We frown upon costumers who publicly shame others in any way, shape, or form. As long as you are chill, we would love to feature you for all our fans to see!

To submit your Cosplay profile, email us at Darthmexican@thegeeklyfe.com with your social media account(s) and a few photos so we can use them for the article with photography credit. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with our questions!

The proper subject line for this would be COTW – <Your Cosplay Name> – The Geek Lyfe.


Helping spread the news about how wonderful our fellow geeks are is a major foundation of our website! If you are interested on having your business, event, or anything reviewed or covered you can email us about it and pitch us why we should be interested! As long as your content is in no way oppressive, illegal, or anything in between we’d be more than happy to spread the word! Just to clear any minds, The Geek Lyfe does support content creators of the adult nature whether it be Suicide Girls, Cosplay Deviants, Hentai artists etc. As long as it is relevant to geeky interests, it’s cool with us!

If you’d like to purchase ad space on our website, we are open to the idea. Feel free to email us at Darthmexican@thegeeklyfe.com and submit your pitch and we’ll go from there. The proper subject line for this would be Promotions – <Your Business Name> – The Geek Lyfe.

Latest Video!
Cosplay Swim Suit Shoot!

The 2018 Geek Lyfe Swim Suit Shoot is upon us! Last year we had a complete blast getting to bring together cosplayers and photographers to produce quality content. In fact, we had so much fun that we are bringing it back for another year! We will be shooting at the same location, which is Cynorme’s wonderful casa. A huge back yard equipped with a pool, hot tub, grassy area, waterfall, and more. Cosplayers: Cynorme, Aeris, and Cheshsmiles. Photo by Chocozumo

Who Are We?

The Geek Lyfe: A team of geeks to report all things geeky! We are here to inspire, educate, entertain, and so much more. It is our hope that we will bring equal representation to all content creators to ensure the world takes notice of their worth! Click the image to see our team!

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  • #Cosplay photo of the day! @saramonicosplay cosplayed one of my all time favorite #DcComics characters of all time #sinestro at @phoenixcomicfest ! She was so incredible and amazing and awesome and and and

Photo by @deeganmariephoto

#greenlantern #dc #yellowlantern #cosplayer
  • #Cosplay photo of the day! @dancinganyagraves came last year to @phoenixcomicfest as #zatanna ! She was so dope! Ultimate #Waifu ! 
#DcComics #pcc #Phxcc #pcf #DC #azcosplay #cosplayer #cosplayersofinstagram
  • #Cosplay photo of the day! @danierikaa was so great as #kimpossible last year at @phoenixcomicfest ! We are stoked to see what all of our homies bring this year! :D 
#Phxcf #pcf #pcc #azcosplay #disney
  • #Cosplay photo of the day goes to @alexnsaint and her #anakinskywalker costume she brought to #FanFest17! 
Speaking of Saint and #Starwars ! Check out her review of the new #Solo film in the bio! 
#azcosplay #SW #DarthVader #Sith #Darkside #soloastarwarsstory
  • #flashbackfriday and #cosplay photo of the day! These are pictures of the first time I met the homies: @qkicosplay @khainsaw @amberskiescosplay @lvckydiamond @maesburke @animetrashswag @muchomuncho @theroguesiren 
What a crazy ride it has been! #ax #ala #amazingazcomicon #Wondercon #anime #cosplayer #azcosplay #taiyoucon
  • #Cosplay photo of the day! #throwbackthursday to @heartlessaquarius ' first photo shoot with @deeganmariephoto back at the final #amazingazcomicon in her #Suicune costume! 
#Pokemon #az #azcosplay #cosplayer
  • #Cosplay photo of the day! This homie was cosplaying as #Okuyasu from #jojosbizarreadventure #diamondisunbreakable ! Ahhhh he was perfect! He was at @animeexpo
Last year! 
#anime #cosplayer #ax #jojo #calicosplay
  • @alexnsaint had her first #solo press experience yesterday! :D She had such a blast and almost died keeping spoliers away from fellow staff! 
WE ARE ALL SO JEALOUS! Check out her film review coming soon! 
#Starwars #Hansolo #Disney
  • #Cosplay photo of the day! We just opened up our slots for the 2018 Cosplay Swim Suit Shoot! This was a photo taken last year by @chocozumo  featuring @cynorme @aeri_emerald and @cheshsmiles as #Overwatch 's #Sombra #Dva and #Tracer ! 
Link is in bio for more information! 
#cosplayer #azcosplay
Wanna Be Interviewed?
We here at The Geek Lyfe support content creators in all it’s forms! If you would like to be intervied or know someone who would like to be interviewed, feel free to email us at info@thegeeklyfe.com!
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All money donated will go straight to The Geek Lyfe costs which you'll be able to see the effects by posts from us on what we used the money for whether it is audio equipment or being able to travel to an out of state convention to cover it for a day. This account is for any who want to see us reach our goals that much faster. We'll continue to follow our passion with every fiber in our being regardless of how much money we raise and always promise to provide entertaining content to our fans!

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