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Review – It’s Good To Be A Gangsta

Review – It’s Good To Be A Gangsta by The One True Otaku What’s better than being a gangster? Besides maybe being Beyoncé, not a whole lot really. Take what you want, when you want, and never let anyone step on you in the wrong way. Being a gangster is easy. But being a handyman for hire? Not so much. For the intrepid array of characters in the crime drama anime Gangsta, life is ...[Read More]

Unboxing: Loot Anime March and April

Unboxing: Loot Anime March and April Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well! We had the wonderful chance to work with none other than the awesome Kaypickle! She is a cosplayer native to Arizona that specializes in League of Legends and Halo costumes. Typically Natalie Arivizu helps us out with unboxing videos, however she ended up getting incredibly sick and was unable to come in. Thankful...[Read More]

Anime Review: Madoka Magica

Anime Review: Madoka Magica Many of my friends who are fellow anime lovers recommended it to me on night after watching another anime series. They mentioned how it was wonderful and I would probably love it. When I asked what it was about they simply giggled and told me that it was a show about magical girls. “Magical girls?” I asked, magical girls often refers to anime tropes such as ...[Read More]

Anime Review: Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash

Anime Review: Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Out of all the gimmicks that Anime has to offer, from Mecha like Gundam to Supernatural like Tokyo Ghoul, my all time favorite is Fantasy. More specifically, I enjoy the “We have been trapped inside an MMORPG and must live life.” concept. Many anime lovers know of Sword Art Online, Dot Hack, and Log Horizon who offer this gimmick. Among those, S...[Read More]

Sakura Con 2016!

Sakura Con 2016! Hey everyone! This year Sassy Goblin and I attended Sakura Con, Washington’s largest anime convention, as media peeps!! YAY!!! This was the first Sakura Con we had attended since 2012 and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would there still be concerts and fashion shows? Would there be enough sexy anime pillows for everyone? Would anime be real yet like we had been pr...[Read More]

Geek Lyfe Podcast Ep 1: Anime

Geek Lyfe Podcast Ep 1: Anime Hey friends! This month’s Geek Lyfe podcast was on Anime! I gathered my two good friends, Elysa AKA Spocktopus who is the second in command for Star Ship Geek Lyfe and Eric AKA Eric-Kun from Spiral Series! Together we talked about our favorite series, the worst anime we have ever watched, and even our anime origin stories! Some of the recommended anime were: Iro...[Read More]

Ani-May Nerd Block Unboxing!

Ani-May Nerd Block Unboxing! Alrighty folks! Here is the Sassy goblin and I’s unboxing video fro May’s Nerd Block! It’s a bit late this time since Nerd Block was moving warehouses so their shipping was offset by that. However we still got it in the end and BOY was it worth it! With a theme like ani-MAY how could it not be? Please excuse the length of this video, we got a bit side...[Read More]

Top Five Animes You Should Watch

Top Five Animes You Should Watch I am an Otaku. If you do not know what that means, in short: I love Anime. The brilliant colors, the sound of the Japanese voice actors, special effects used and often serious/dark storylines that can take place. Like most Americans, cartoons were seen as something a child watches and will eventually grow out of, mainly due to the very shallow nature of older carto...[Read More]

Product Review: AFK Cosmetics Attack on Titan Eyeshadow

OMG YOU GUYS. ATTACK ON TITAN MAKEUP. *flails hands* *Look at all the cute art on the lids! YOU CANNOT RESIST*

Are we living in the Golden Age of Geekdom?

                                                                                                            Are we living in the Golden Age of Geekdom?   Not too long ago when someone mentioned the word “Geek”, this images like the one above came to mind.  Nowadays, when someone talks about geeks or you were to search up the term, pictures like this appear:     Before I go further, I w...[Read More]

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