The Top Customer Service Best Practices You Need to Succeed

In 2019, providing a solid and dependable customer experience is central to your company’s success. Esteban Kolsky, the founder of thinkJar and a former Gartner analyst, says 67 percent of consumers are likely to switch to a different product or service provider after a poor experience with the sales or customer service team. In contrast, 55 percent will pay more when a good experience, befo...[Read More]

How Video Games and Online Casinos Helped Me

Video games today try their best to make things as realistic as possible by including romance, politics, religion, and various other aspects. One could argue that by playing certain games, it would improve a number of skill sets that you can apply to real life, whether it be direct or indirect. One such skill set that no doubt is improved upon is gambling! I speak from my own personal experience s...[Read More]

6 Sci-Fi Gadgets That Are Becoming Reality

The gap between sci-fi gadgets that are forever just a dream on a screenwriter’s or novelist’s minds and those that become real is narrowing. While we don’t yet have a “Beam me up, Scotty” device for humans, other developments have become real in the last few years or continue to be developed at the time of writing. Here are six sci-fi gadgets that we’re excited about because they’re finally becom...[Read More]

The Secrets of Effective Internet Product Marketing

Millions of products are being marketed on the internet at any one time, and the range of potential avenues for online product promotion is simply huge. Whether it’s a marketplace site offering vendors the chance to add their own stock and promote it or a large, real-world corporation buying up internet advertising space to push their in-store ranges, the options are varied. What exactly does an e...[Read More]

Contingencies You Need to Have as a Tech User and Enthusiast

Spending a lot of time in front of the computer or smartphone has its perks. I’m sure most of you have been asked by friends or relatives to help with computer or smartphone problems before. Being familiar with computers and gadgets is a huge plus these days. Unfortunately, the same problems are threatening our devices too. Hardware failure or a software glitch can happen to anyone. Having conting...[Read More]

Latest Online Slots Trends: Where is It Heading To?

The world is rapidly changing due to the many technological advancements happening, one of which is the internet. Thanks to the internet, online gaming is now growing in popularity. And with it comes the rise of online casinos. Not only do they offer more fruit machine games, but they’re also a more convenient way of gaming. With change becoming an inevitable trend in the gaming industry, it makes...[Read More]

Why Gallywix Should Be the Next Leader of the Horde

There is no doubt in any one person’s mind that the Horde, a fictional faction in a popular MMORPG called World of Warcraft, is having trouble with its leadership. Currently the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, commands the Horde through the war campaign against the Alliance. However there have been a series of unreasonable actions made deliberately by Sylvanas which causes many once stro...[Read More]

Pokémon Sword and Shield: What Have We Learnt So Far?

ICYMI: Pokéfans, do we have top news for you! Nintendo and Game Freak inc. have been hard at work to bring, what we think promises to be, their most ambitious entry in the Pokémon franchise. Streaming live, back in February, the Pokémon Direct event gave away just enough information to truly tantalize trainers and gamers, while remaining relatively vague about the mechanics and nitty gritty of the...[Read More]

Classic Ways To Improve Your Gaming Skills

There isn’t much more humiliating than being the one person who is consistently eliminated first in any games tournaments that you are playing, whether online or offline. As you’re sat there, you will likely be wondering how to get better; how did all the others get so good? But never fear, there are some great tips that can follow to help you to become a better at the games that you want to be be...[Read More]

Nervous Nerds who Need New Relief: Try CBD oil

We all know that nerds and geeks are a group full of people who have anxiety, me being one of them. This oftentimes holds us captive from going out and socializing with anyone in person. We can slay dire beasts in Dungeons & Dragons, level up quick in MMORPGs, and feel at ease chatting online. But crowds of new faces and unique minds can be way too much to handle, unless you’re cosplaying as s...[Read More]

Tattoos Inspired by Your Favorite TV Shows, Movies, and Books

Move over traditional swords and half-naked women, there’s a new wave of tattoo designs that plenty of millennials and Gen Z kids are trying out: iconic tattoos based from their favorite TV shows, films, and books. Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo but found those traditional macho, masculine, or gothic designs to be out of your style? Perhaps you’ll like or get inspiration from some of these t...[Read More]

The Keys to eGaming Success

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, or you’re one of those strange individuals who doesn’t use the internet, you will know that video games are no longer a casual pastime. The days of Space Invaders, Pong and Pac-Man are long gone, and not only has gaming gone mainstream and become fashionable, but it has also developed into a multimillion-dollar sport. Gaming competitions ...[Read More]

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