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Coldwater Review John C. Burns

During his motion capture for Call of Duty Black Ops, actor James C. Burns was also busy filming pieces of the live action movie entitled Coldwater. Burns’ role in Coldwater makes Frank Woods look like Mickey Mouse. Coldwater is a deceivingly well-delivered cautionary tale about the treatment of troubled youth in juvenile detention centers.

Coldwater Film Quick Review

The first twenty minutes of film rack the nerves. It starts with the makings of a straight to Netflix film quality. The blocking is questionable with even short-cut scenes showing the leads fumbling to find their place onscreen. It also takes some time for the leads to hit their stride, and this is when Coldwater shows the audience why the film is made.

James C. Burns portrays Colonel Frank Reichert, the head honcho of the Coldwater troubled youth rehabilitation center. He takes his military training, discipline, and mantras and applies it to the Coldwater camp. Hothead Brad Lunders, played by Ryan Gosling lookalike P.J. Boudousque, is forced into the camp by his worried mother and complacent stepfather. He is subjected to the ‘tough love’ that the Colonel swears readjusts the kids. Lunders holds a sad secret that can be guessed by the least fortuitous moviegoer, and falls into many of the age old character trials. Luckily, Boudousque holds the film steady through some rocky performances by the supporting cast.

Coldwater starts to earn its name after the predictable backdrop is set. When an instance of tough love turns to violence, Coldwater is brought under investigation for its staff’s brutish disciplinary tactics. The added pressure of federal scrutiny is where the Colonel and his maladjusted staff begin to unravel. The film’s story arc changes course in a shocking and disturbing direction. James C. Burns, who has a real-life history of coaching and mentoring, paints a frightening picture with Reichert’s ideals. Boudousque and Burns play well off each other, and it sells the ending. The events leading to the finale are tense, and the actors (especially Chris Petrovski) make up for the rocky start.

The Geek Lyfe Says

Coldwater begs the audience to leave the theatre in the first half hour, and leaves everyone sitting in silence while the credits role. It’s lack of polish in areas make it all the more powerful when its final message is delivered. James C. Burns —the man who pulled the gamers into the audience— doesn’t disappoint with a stomach churning portrayal of a heartless, rundown man. There is even a surprise, anchoring performance from P.J. Boudousque that holds the narrative together. Don’t see this film if you can’t stand a slow start or amateur actors. Definitely go see this film if you like to fuel debates on real issues.

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