Networking and Nakama


This page is dedicated to our annual Networking and Nakama event!

What is Networking and Nakama?

Networking and Nakama is a social event where The Geek Lyfe gathers content creator from all around to celebrate good times and help brands connect with one another. We provide a safe, fun environment where artists, musicians, cosplayers, Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and more can hang out and promote themselves! It also gives already established homies the chance to relax, have fun, and catch up!

At The Geek Lyfe, we absolutely understand the amount of constant pressure and hard work that goes into content creation. We’re all trying our hardest to get ourselves out there and express our creativity, whether it be as a hobby or a professional aspiration. That is why we love hosting this event to help folks grow professionally, connect with their peers, and alleviate some stress.

We host our event the Friday night of Phoenix Fan Fusion at The Grand in Downtown Phoenix. We’ll be there drinking, eating, interviewing and connecting with wonderful local talent!

Here’s some of the interviews from last year’s event!

At the end of the night we get together to take a huge family photo!


Be sure to join us for good times with great people!

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