Phoenix by Night is a Vampire the Masquerade series entering its second season in October. The cast will be composed of Guilty Cosplay, Rising Valkyrie, Jade Valkyrie, Pondplays, and DeAngelo Murillo as the storyteller. This mis-adventure takes place in Arizona where the major cities of this sunny state all swarming with supernatural factions, fighting for territory. All the while the Second Inquisition seeks nothing but their destruction.

During Phoenix Comic Con’s cosplay masquerade, witches, werewolves, and vampires all fended off a raid from the SI. Live streams of the combat leaked sending the general public in shock at the terrifying power of supernatural creatures. Since then, funding and approval of the Second Inquisition has inflated to the point where martial law has been implemented by the President.

In response to this, the Camarilla, who typically oversee the social structure of the kindred world, have gone into hiding. Leaving the younger kindred to fend for themselves and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Anarchs, who openly rebel against the Camarilla, are fighting to defend their vampiric peers. However they are undermanned and overwhelmed to this new threat.

These main characters are a part of the Anarchs, whether on purpose or by necessity. No matter their background, they’ll need to pool together their resources in order to just survive.

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Phoenix By Night features a roster of talented performers that with a guest every other episode!

Important Events Thus Far

Phoenix Comic Con July 2021

What was supposed to be a pleasant weekend of gaming, cosplay, and more turned into a supernatural bloodbath. Suzy Mcleod and Evie Armstrong attended the cosplay masquerade in hopes of showcasing their talent as costume designers when the event was interrupted by a raid conducted by the Second Inquisition. Witches, Vampires, and Werewolves all fought back resulting in multiple video recordings of these non humans. Thus entering into an era of fear and nationalism as the nation wages war against all those who walk the path of night.

Suzy Meets the Violet Rose, Witch Coven

Suzy discovers that there is a fabric shortage and finds that a Witch Coven has hoarded all of the materials in order to make new robes for members. They were about to come to blows when the SI raided the facility originally intending to take down the Witches. With the help of the kindred, they were able to hold off the SI. However a group of young witches accidentally summoned a demon and lost control of the creature. It murdered both sides before being defeated.

Suzy Meets the Baron of Phoenix June 2021

After being embraced, Suzy was forced to meet the Baron of Phoenix in order to address the fact that she was embraced illegally. In order to earn her license, she had to help stop a local band of Necromancers who joined the Camarilla.

Suzy gets embraced June 2021

On a normal Summer night, Suzy falls asleep at the wheel and crashes her car into SI members, saving Stormbringer and her followers. Due to the wreck, Suzy was dying and as an act of mercy, Stormbringer embraced her. They made the agreement that Suzy would be allowed to compete at Phoenix Comic Con before joining the Anarch movement.

Siren is Rescued by Uhuru April 2020

Baroness of Scottsdale and informant for the Anarch movement is found out by the Pink Princess. In repsonse the Camarilla sent out a Bloodhunt on Siren causing the death of a majority of her followers. Uhuru and his loyalists rushed to her aid and was able to save Siren.

The Pink Princess obtains her position of Princess July 2005

Siren is embraced December 1980

Uhuru is embraced October 1968

Stormbringer is embraced February 1930

Important Characters Thus Far

Suzy Mcleod

Suzy Mcleod was once a cosplayer looking to defeat her former best friend at a cosplayer masquerade. Little did she know that she’d be turned into a powerful kindred and make enemies and allies with prominent figures within the World of Darkness. Last she had been seen she was joining the Anarch movement under the guidance of her Sire, Stormbringer.

Ash ‘ Stormbringer’

Stormbringer is the third in command for the Anarchs. She is known far and wide for her strength, cunning, and loyalty to the movement. In life she had been a political activist, constantly showcasing her support for equal pay, equal rights, and anti war. She had always felt that her life was meant to help make the world a better place even if it meant that she had to bleed to do it. Recognized by a Brujah member, she donated heavily to her causes. However, Stormbringer soon discovered the source of her generous donations and when she learned of the kindred world she readily volunteered to be embraced and join the cause. She readily volunteers for the most dangerous of missions and embraces those she feels are worthy.


Evie is the second in command for the Violet Rose, the largest Witch coven in Phoenix, Arizona. Last she was seen she had been helping fend off SI members from her fellow witches. She was once rivals with Suzy Mcleod before their near death experience at Phoenix Comic Con.


The beloved Brujah leader of the Anarch movement, known for his moving speeches, stalwart courage standing against the Camarilla for decades. He had been a member of the Black Panthers in life and embraced by Stormbringer after he had been shot during a protest. When he experienced oppressions from the Camarilla, he decided it would be best to dedicate his unlife to helping bring equality to his fellow kindred. Though the members of his group of rebels was only but a handful, numbers have swelled due to necessity with the increased SI threat.


The second in command for the Anarch movement. Siren was once a highly respected member of the Camarilla and the Toreador as a Baroness of Scottsdale. However, once she recognized that the Camarilla cared little for the suffering of younger kindred, she began to feed information to Uhuru in order to assist him. Her information alone saved the lives of many Anarch members and helped to further their goals until she was found out by the Pink Princess. She had lost her lost her arm and her eye, in her escape. Saved only because of Uhuru and his followers risking and losing many lives in the process.

The Pink Princess

The Princess of Phoenix is none other than the Pink Princess who is a Nosferatu. There are rumors that she was once a beloved super model before being embraced by a stalker. Despite her physical features becoming deformed, she never lost her self worth and continued to thrive. When any issue occurred for the Camarilla, she gave immense wisdom and cunning that helped counter the Anarchs. This earned her the respect of elders who appointed her the position of Princess. She is demanding, ruthless, yet all flourish under her rule. Now that her elders are gone, will she continue to thrive?