Review: Comic And Media Expo 2015

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Review: Comic And Media Expo 2015


Review: Comic And Media Expo 2015

When I found I was going to cover the Comic and Media Expo, I was extremely thrilled. As far as I know, Comic and Media Expo was available to con goers last year and this year but no information was provided by when it was founded, nevertheless I could not wait to attend! For those of you who might not be familiar with Comic and Media Expo, it is a yearly expo that covers comic books, TV, Film, Cosplay, and so much more.

Arriving at the expo, I found no charge for parking. It was a blessing since a few other conventions have fees for their parking if you want to have a short-distance walk. When I walked in, I found around 25 vendors that sold everything from current and back issue comics, cosplayers selling their prints, plushies, action figures and other collectibles. Needless to say, my wallet yearned to be pulled out and exhausted of all my savings in exchange for every geeky thing my heart desired. Each staff member was also exceptionally helpful and friendly. I lost my way trying to find Kiba the Cosplay Corgi (read my interview here), and they kindly guided me in the right direction. Despite there only being a few vendors, the variety was amazing.

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The atmosphere was very intimate. It was easy to talk with cosplayers or vendors for 20 minutes, and having a causal time was not uncommon, which was incredibly refreshing compared to the larger conventions that take place throughout the year in Arizona.  It wasn’t about making money – it was about making a connection. Everyone was wonderful, and I found I felt welcomed everyplace I went.

The cosplay guests were great! There were so many intriguing and well-thought out costumes, from Borderlands to Halo and even a few Metal Gear Solid cosplayers.In addition to Kiba the Cosplay Corgi, I also met Natalie Arvizu, Jay Dee, and Sara Moni, all of which were insanely talented and down to earth as we chatted about the conventions and random geeky topics.

If there is one aspect of conventions that always sucks me in, it would be the panels. Comic and Media Expo was no different. A few had fans talking about how much they loved a series or discussing story lines in-depth, others were about upcoming movies, and so much more. I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend all of them, but the ones I did go to were very entertaining and well-run.

The only negative aspect would have to be the price of the food. After attending so many conventions, it’s a given that it’s going to be overpriced, but I still feel as though there has to be some way to achieve a balance between prices on food and the vendors still making a large profit. To add to this, they had enough vendors to accommodate con goers, which was great because running around the convention floor, talking to vendors and cosplayers tends to leave you starving!


Overall, I had a great time at the expo. Since its beginning in 2014, Comic and Media Expo has focused on the relationships and connections made with fans and vendors alike, and it succeeded in creating the loyalty and love every expo should have. It was a great experience, and I would certainly attend the expo again and recommend it to all my friends who love having a great time with fellow geeks of their fandoms.

Photos taken by Photo Arcade

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