Marvel May Have Casted Their Next Spiderman

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Marvel May Have Casted Their Next Spiderman

Asa Butterfield as the new Spiderman for the established cinematic universe? Reportedly Marvel and Sony have chosen Asa Butterfield, they are entering negotiations with Butterfield’s people in hope to work out a deal of some sort. There have been rumors like this flying around recently but soeone actually came forward and a strong claim: Umberto Conzalez posted this image, announcing the casting:

Latino Review¬†seems to be standing by his side and supports this claim. If true, we will more than likely see Butterfield’s Spiderman in Captain America Civil War May of 2016, playing an important role in the fight between Iron Man and Captain America. Personally, I hope this is true because it’ll give the web slinging franchise a new feel as far as the films go.

What do you think of this casting?

Images via Marvel and IMDB

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