3 Ways to Ensure you Slay in Apex Legends as Vantage

The new season has been released for battle royale Apex Legends and with it comes an all-new legend! Vantage is a new recon character that is a fresh-faced warrior looking to join the Apex games in order to free her wrongly imprisoned mother. What she may lack in experience, she makes up for in raw talent as she is a brilliant sniper. Lore aside, Vantage brings a lot to the table and in this article, we’ll review 3 ways to ensure you slay in Apex Legends as Vantage. You’ll also want to check out gonzosquestfree.com if you need some great times!

Get the High Ground

Thanks to Vantage’s bat companion, Echo, they are able to launch themselves to great heights. Often times this will allow you to reach rooftops which will help you in a variety of ways. For one, Vantage’s ultimate ability allows them to wield a one-of-a-kind sniper rifle that can fire up to five shots. This will give you an advantage when engaging or going to engage in an enemy group that is on the ground floor.

It can also help to use a normal weapon with scope to scout the area for enemies as your passive ability highlights enemies for you. That way you can alert your team so everyone can be prepared.

Use Your Ultimate Only When You Have A Shot

Although Vantage’s ultimate charges are fast and have multiple uses, the sniper rifle also produces a laser sight that all players can see. The initial reaction for all players is fight or flight when seeing the laser sight hover around the area. Being exposed prior to firing might mean your team gets caught in an unfavorable situation, especially if another group of enemies also spots your laser sight.

That is why it is important to pick and choose when to use your ultimate, especially when catching an enemy team unaware while they use a black market or loot a death box. It is also great for picking enemies off while they are engaged in another firefight. When Vantage hits an enemy, it’ll highlight them for a brief time to inform your team of their location.

Set up an Escape Plan

The rough part about being a dedicated sniper is that you suffer from tunnel vision. Unless your team is actively communicating with you, you might get caught by a third party or left behind when your team decides to move on. To counter this, you’ll want to position Echo in a getaway location that will allow you to launch away at a moment’s notice. Having this backup plan will ensure that you can get in, deal significant damage, and then get out before the enemy can punish you for it.

I hope you enjoyed these three tips on how to thrive as Vantage! Have any more tips? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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