A Quiet Place is Worth Pooping Yourself Over

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A Quiet Place is Worth Pooping Yourself Over

Anyone who knows me understands that I absolutely hate horror films. I can not wrap my head around the concept of willingly sitting in front of a screen with the intention of being terrified for over an hour, then spending the next few nights looking over your shoulder and having trouble sleeping. However, movies don’t review themselves, so when I was offered the A Quiet Place screening I cringed as usual before accepting.

The film was written and directed by John Krasinski, who is most well known for his role as Jim from The Office. It takes place in the near future where the world is in a post apocalyptic state after odd creatures spawn and kill anything that makes sound. The story begins on day 89 and focuses on the Abbott family who communicates through sign language because of their daughter Reagan, played by Millicent Simmonds, who is deaf.  

I enjoyed this film immensely because of the concept alone. They never explain why the creatures are there or how they got there and don’t show you the collapse of society. They simply throw you in the middle of the chaos. The action is tense and the creatures are always overwhelming, all the main characters can do is hope to survive and some even pass away in a ruthless fashion. Most of the dialogue in the film is through sign language and that adds a layer to the film that viewers will find refreshing. Jokes, anger, sadness, and love are all conveyed through facial expressions and hand signs.

Although the story, characters, and acting were all superb, I found the audio to be my favorite aspect. In horror films, audio is huge since they constantly have to build up the tension with odd sounds before going silent and then cranking up the volume to 11 in order to scare you. However, in A Quiet Place, they dance between characters and with each transition you also get their available senses. When the film focuses on Reagan, you lose most of the audio so you experience what she does which adds a whole new layer to terror when she can not hear the warning sounds of these beasts approaching. This is both to her adventure and danger but does wonders for the film since you are immersed that much more in their situation.

Overall A Quiet Place is well worth the ticket price and I encourage everyone to see this film. John Krasinski did fantastic as a director, writer, and actor alongside Emily Blunt! Even if you hate horror films, you’ll want to see this movie if you are looking for a grand experience! 

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