Ever Wish You Could Be Your TTRPG Character While Playing Virtually? AREALM Is Here to Help!

Since COVID-19 forced everyone into lockdown, table top role players have flocked to communication platforms like Zoom, Googlehangouts, or Discord in order to play with friends. This culture shift has helped to allow the gaming to continue but also introduced new aspects to the beloved hobby. Many players now cosplay as their favorite characters but what if you don’t have the skill, time, or finances to build your own cosplay?

Well that is where AREALM come in!

AREALM is an innovative way to play Dungeons and Dragons. Players can play online through video chat and can cosplay as their favorite characters with AR. They can also enter dynamic 3D environments together to immerse them even further.

I got the chance to test it out in the Alhpa build and saw so much potential for this new software! On our hour call I was able to create my own character, roll dice, explore the test dungeon, and more. The app is super easy to use and even in its early stages is already a ton of fun! While AREALM is geared more towards traditional fantasy TTRPGs, it can easily be converted to other systems with future updates, even if it were just the AR aspect of the character replacing yoru profile on a video chat.

At the current moment here are the unique features I witnessed firsthand:

  • Character creation with a good deal of customization options featuring many traditional fantasy races.
  • Dungeons & Dragons focused statistics that showcase for everyone to see on the app.
  • Dungeon Masters have the ability to create whole dungeonsĀ  with ease.
  • Players can be dragged and dropped into various places in the area and it’ll update in real time. Players can also turn off their ‘selfie’ to look around the dungeon to see what is around.
  • Dice can be rolled on screen for everyone to see.
  • AREALM works fantastic on Zoom and good on Google Hangouts.

To be upfront, this software was not perfect. On the introduction I experienced glitches and some features failed due to a number of variables such as my big glasses or headphones but that was to be expected due to being in alpha. This was literally developed specifically for gamers to have a more immersive sessions and I am in awe of the technology and feel strongly that it is worth investing in! AREALM just launched their KickstarterĀ so be sure to head over there for additional information and find out ways to support this awesome software!

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