Good Donuts and Great Drinks at the Dunkin Blogger Event!


This is a sponsored post and I was compensated by Dunkin for my participation.

I’ve loved donuts for as long as I can recall. There is something wonderful about the soft, crispy, sweet goodness of a donut that you just can’t pass up. That is why I was super excited to attend Dunkin‘s Blogger Event over in North Phoenix.

While there I got to learn how to make a latte, decorate a donut, and more! The employees at Dunkin were incredibly kind, hard-working, and made everything so much better!

Especially when they constantly brought over awesome treats like bacon-wrapped donuts or ice cream donut sandwiches! On a serious note, one of my favorite aspects of the event was getting to chat with different staff members about Dunkin. You tend to think of Dunkin as this major corporation who is out of touch with consumers but nothing could be farther from the truth. They gushed about how much they love what they do and finding out ways to better serve their customers.

When I asked what I could do to help them out the most, they wanted to make it a point to understand that Dunkin doesn’t just do donuts, they also have coffee. Not just good coffee but great coffee and at an affordable price. They are better than their peers in a number of ways and yet a problem they had was that folks don’t tend to consider Dunkin as their first choice when it came to coffee.

To be honest, they were right. I always thought of another coffee vendor when I wanted a drink. Yet as I sat there listening to the staff talk about all of their accomplishments and aspirations, I realized I actually loved my drink.

I had, not 10 minutes ago, gone behind the counter and helped make it with ingredients and care that went into every single cup. I was chugging that thing down as though I could not get enough.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had a coffee drink that good and it really did hit me like a ton of bricks. Here Dunkin was, working hard on improving their brand and their product and yet a lot of us tend to consider them only when we want a sweet treat. During the event, the location was still taking drive-thru orders and I watched they put the same care and attention into every drink. I really appreciated that aspect since it meant they cared about their quality.

The next day I drove to my local Dunkin to test out the quality of their product when it wasn’t around bloggers and sure enough, it still had that same great taste.  I was really surprised by this event and it changed my perspective on the brand as a whole.

I am sold on Dunkin! While this was a sponsored event and I was compensated for my time, I really do love Dunkin! I highly recommend you give your local Dunkin a try next time you are in the area! Can’t beat that classic donuts and coffee pairing!

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