Music Lyfe: Give Your Ears A Treat and Listen to Shawn James

In my travels to find incredible music to share with the good people, I found a pure treasure. His name is Shawn James and we’ll make you wanna sit back, take a nice, long, sip of an ice-cold drink and nod your head while you appreciate life while also contemplating your existence. Armed with a guitar and a sultry voice, Shawn James makes fantastic Folk/Blues music that you’ve probably heard before thanks to the Last of Us 2 trailer.

Ellie plays his song, Through the Valley to help showcase the hard-living the characters no doubt experienced in the first game as well as the second. I assumed it was a classic song from one of the iconic blues or folk musicians but imagine my surprise when I found out it came out more recently!

Not to mention that Shawn James himself does the absolute best version of the song.

But this man is no one hit wonder, no sir. many of his songs knock it out of the park.

Shawn James started his career working in music studios as a sound engineer. In 2012, he and his wife Michelle moved from Nashville, Tennessee to Fayetteville, Arkansas to pursue a career in music industry full time. In the beginning, Shawn James was busking around downtown Fayetteville. From there, he started playing in local venues and recording his own songs in a bedroom studio.[2]

The same year he also released his first self-published album Shadows. In 2013, he formed a band called Shawn James & The Shapeshifters with local musicians. After that he has released three more solo albums, a live album, and three albums with The Shapeshifters. He also runs his own recording company Shawn James Music.- Wiki

I just had to stop for a moment and showcase the talents of the ever wonderful Shawn James. Be sure to check out more of his music and see his show when it rolls into a town near you!

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