Review: Game Grumps – Silent Hill P.T.

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Review: Game Grumps – Silent Hill P.T.


Review: Game Grumps – Silent Hill P.T.

Game Grumps and horror games almost always result in gems. Silent Hill P.T. is both like and unlike the other Silent Hill games. They are similar in the aspect of both being horror games but they differ by the sheer degrees of terror given to the player. Silent Hill P.T. is just a demo but it’s a heavy demo that has a wealth of secrets that the player needs to perform in order to continue, otherwise they’ll be stuck at a certain point without end.

The game starts with you in a dark room and you find yourself in a hall way. You travel down the hall way, past a series of normal objects until you reach the last open door at the end of the hallway. When you walk through the door, you find yourself in the same hallway and repeat the journey to the end of the hallway, as you continue you begin to notice slight changes in the objects placed around the room. It gets worse as it goes on. Other Silent Hill Games cranked the horror up to 11 but Silent Hill P.T. cranks things up to 25.

Needless to say, Dan hates every moment of it while Arin takes enjoyment from his pain. There is only a single 33 minute episode of this game and unfortunately they do not complete the demo but I can not blame them since the way to beat the game is utterly ridiculous. They do get quite far, far enough to give us a huge scare while also laughing so hard at Dan’s stressed out state.

There are hardly any well thought out jokes in this playthrough but their reaction to the terror makes up for it. Danny vows to quit around 5-7 times during the thirty minutes but Arin does not stop his journey through the endless hallway. Although they did not finish the demo, the single episode is worth watching. Hopefully you’ve never seen Silent Hill P.T. because it will make for such a better experience as you learn about the game as they do. I personally recommend watching Silent Hill P.T. because it changes things up from the regular Game Grump episodes.

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard of Game Grumps, check out all their stuff and become a fan! They are a great group of guys who are far more entertaining than many big budget T.V. shows nowadays and they release three episodes every single day and have guests on their show as well. They work hard each and every day to provide entertaining content while still being humble and not jerks, they are worth subscribing to! 

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