Review: Game Grumps – Super Mario Sunshine

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Review: Game Grumps – Super Mario Sunshine


Review: Game Grumps – Super Mario Sunshine

When it comes to Arin and Mario games, things tend to get interesting fast. Super Mario Sunshine is no exception to this. Granted, this game can be difficult as all hell in certain areas so Arin is not at all to blame. Super Mario Sunshine is a beautiful, whimsical game that features Mario and friends traveling to a tropical island for a vacation only to find Bowser up to his old, dirty tricks and captures Princess Peach. Mario then vows to save her as always and begins collecting a certain amount of stars from various areas.

The game itself is entertaining as it is filled with bright colors, animated characters, obnoxious bosses, and so much more. When you add on Arin’s love/hate with the Mario franchise and Dan’s commentary, things get amazing. From even the first episode Arin and Dan are on point with the jokes while they are introduced to the ridiculous circumstances Mario finds himself in and the characters that are introduced.

As always in long series, Arin and Dan get serious and talk about their lives in the later episodes. In quite a few episodes Arin has a major meltdown and a few rants. One is early on atop a sand bird and another is during a situation where Arin must navigate up a series of fences and cat walks  to get stars. Again, I don’t blame Arin at all for raging because I also raged at those same moments but it’s just so satisfying for some sick reason to see him rage and yell. They sure as hell make wonderful Game Grumps Animated.(I tried to find them but there are so many)

I have to say, this was one of their better playthroughs, sure they got stuck but immediately referred to the walk through and carried on to complete the game at 51 episodes. You’ll serious’ll enjoy your time with this one and cry laughing at their jokes/life experiences then turn around and deal with philosophy grumps that’ll inspire you to write a few more pages of your novel.

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard of Game Grumps, check out all their stuff and become a fan! They are a great group of guys who are far more entertaining than many big budget T.V. shows nowadays and they release three episodes every single day and have guests on their show as well. They work hard each and every day to provide entertaining content while still being humble and not jerks, they are worth subscribing to! 

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