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(Review)Disaster Artist

(Review)Disaster Artist

In the world of cinema there is one film by the name of The Room that shines above the rest. It is beloved by so many but not for how incredible it is but instead for how terrible it is. Literally within the first 30 minutes of the film there are three sex scenes. I kid you not. If you have never had the chance to watch The Room, it focuses on a love triangle between two best friends, Johnny and Mark and Johnny’s wife, Lisa. The film was created by Tommy Wiseau and Disaster Artist is a film about the creation of The Room.

I was surprised by just how many actors were featured in this film. Tommy was played by James Franco and Greg, who is Tommy’s best friend, was played by Dave Franco. These two brothers did such a fantastic job in their roles that I forgot constantly that they were related. James Franco stole the show with his impersonation of Tommy Wisaeu, he somehow mastered his mannerisms, speech patterns, look and more. They even showed side by side clips of the scenes acted out by both actors and it was almost unnerving at how similar they were.  Other notable actors featured in the film were, Seth Rogan, Alison Brie, Paul Scheer, Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, and more!

Going into the film I wondered how they were going to handle their take on the making of The Room. I, as well as many, feared that it was going to be just a pure joke fest on Tommy Wisaeu and the cast to the point of being disrespectful. To my surprise, they handled the film well! A lot of what happened during the making of the iconic film was explained in the Disaster Artist which only added to the enjoyment of the original film. Although the did focus on the most unique aspects of Tommy Wisaeu, they simply retold what actually occurred in a tasteful manner. The humor came from the already eccentric Tommy Wisaeu just being himself and any rational person reacting naturally.

I did not expect just how good the Disaster Artist would be. I absolutely recommend this film to all movie lovers but if you have already seen The Room, it will add so much more to the experience. To anyone who has not seen The Room, it will make you curious enough to check it out and I recommend that you watch it with a crowd for the proper experience.

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