(Review)Sabrina Season 2: This Feels like a Gaia Online RP Forum

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(Review)Sabrina Season 2: This Feels like a Gaia Online RP Forum

Admittedly I have a love-hate relationship with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Season 1 was just okay with some moments of excitement and others were mostly duds. However, there was enough promise in the story to keep me watching for the holiday special and even season 2.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is about a teenage witch named Sabrina, played by Kiernan Shipka, who is half mortal, half witch. Since she hit her 16th birthday, she had to choose whether or not to sign a pact with Satan himself in exchange for power but she would have to give him her loyalty. In Season 1 she ultimately decides it is best to sign and learn how to control her immense powers.

Season 2 is all about self discovery as she is pressured from all fronts to do or act a certain way, especially by the dark lord himself. All of this is going on while she is in high school and dealing with boys and social drama.

Sabrina isnt the only supernatural character in the series as her mortal friend Rosalind, played by Jaz Sinclair, has the power of visions to see the potential future and vivid past. Susie aka Theo is either bat shit crazy or is legitimately haunted by his dead relative and then Harvey, Sabrina’s former boyfriend, is just kinda there. All of these character have their own character growths and develop stronger bonds with one another as Sabrina separates herself more and more from them.

During the major story line Sabrina uncovers an earth shattering revelation about her father and his view point on the Church of Night. While she struggles to make actual change in the Church, chaos ensues as witch hunters, demons, and so much more come to destroy Sabrina.

To be fair, there were a lot of moments in this show where I was on the edge of my seat and was fully invested. The main problem was that they would wrap up conflicts so fast, with such ease, and with no consequence that it felt like a waste of time. It is a constant game of “I AM GONNA KILL ALL THE THINGS!” and Sabrina is like “Nah.” and then everything is fine.

Sabrina has become a Mary Sue.

Honestly, I should not be surprised. This show is similar to that of Vampire Dairies, Smallville, Once Upon A Time, and many other shows that appeal to middle to high schoolers. These shows do not need characters with depth or compelling story lines in order to keep viewers. They just need pretty aesthetics, attractive love interests, and somehow to raise the bar to increase the drama.

I was actually an avid fan of Vampire Diaries until every single character on the show had their own super powers until half the town were over powered and then it became just so ridiculous that I couldn’t keep watching. The appeal in these shows is the mystery of a secret society within the normal world. When you shatter those boundaries or refuse to explain why there isnt mass hysteria after so many unexplained events, it becomes very vapid.

Side character #278 getting powers

In Season 2 of Sabrina there is literally a scene where Satan asks her to prove her loyalty to him but burning her school down. She goes through with it by spreading gasoline throughout the halls until Satan is like “Oh wait, I am just kidding.”.

Like what? They try and make the show so dark and terrifying but then pull back on real acts of terror. They just do things to look edgy and then offer no consequence. Also how did she clean up the gasoline?

However it isnt a bad show at all. Yes, there are many lack luster moments and over the top actions with no backlash but it is still entertaining. My favorite episode to date is one where a mysterious fortune teller comes to town and tells the fortune to the main characters. We are presented these short stories that all turn into nightmares that were dark and terrifying. That is what I wanted from the series and drooled over it.

Once again Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has enough hype to keep me on board for Season 3 but I honestly do not recommend making this show a priority for you if something else is out. This is a perfect show to watch while you are in between seasons for another show you care about.

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