HarmonQuest Season 3 is Coming to VRV on August 18

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over! HarmonQuest Season 3 is on its way to VRV on August 18th and we are stoked for it! The world has been destroyed by the demon helling! To make things worse, Fondue (Dan Harmon) is dead, and his spirit is trapped inside a sword. It’s now up to Buer (Erin McGathy), Boneweevil (Jeff B. Davis), and a mysterious newcomer to find a way to undo the damage done and r...[Read More]

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Harmonquest Season 3 is in Production!

Produced by Universal Cable Productions and Starburns Industries, Harmonquest season 3 is in production! We loved Harmonquest’s first season and could not believe that season two was even better! A comedic journey into the hilarious world of fantasy roleplaying with Dan Harmon and his Comedian Companions. A new series starring Dan Harmon, Spencer Crittenden, Erin McGathy, and Jeff B. Davis. ...[Read More]

HarmonQuest Season 2 Is Now Available on VRV!

HarmonQuest Season 2 Is Now Available on VRV! I absolutely love Dungeons and Dragons and am grateful for so many different content creators that now showcase their campaigns for the enjoyment of others. With services such as Roll20, you can play D&D with your friends and don’t even have to be in the same room! Of all this content, I have to admit that HarmonQuest is without a doubt my fa...[Read More]

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