World’s First Adult eSports Tournament is Launched by Nutaku

Nutaku is the world’s leading adult gaming platform and they have teamed up with (NSFW)YouPorn to make the first ever adult eSports tournament called Lewd Gaming Championship. November 5th to the 9th, sixty four players will battle it out in single elimination matches on Tits ‘N Tanks. About Tits ‘n’ Tanks The Spiritual Induction System has been activated, allowing new weapons to come ...[Read More]

News: ESL Bans YouPorn Sponsored ESports Team

News: ESL Bans YouPorn Sponsored ESports Team For those who don’t follow the ESports scene, games such as League of Legends or Street Fighter have become wildly popular over the years on an international level. Some championships even rival the attendance and viewership of some major sports such as American Football’s Super Bowl. With such fame came sponsors from various industries suc...[Read More]

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