Tech Review: Moto X(2nd Gen)

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Tech Review: Moto X(2nd Gen)

2014-11-28_7-36-55Finding my phone dying within only hours of use, slow loading times whenever I used apps and an overall sub-par experience, I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a new phone. Lady luck seemed to have heard my frustrations and granted me the chance to review Moto X (2nd Generation). Never one to look a gifted horse in the mouth, I jumped at the opportunity.

Pure style. Pure performance. The new Moto X is highlighted by a metal frame and genuine materials—including wood and leather—that you choose to match your style. Enjoy a more pure and intuitive Android™ experience. Simplify life with Motorola apps that put your voice and gestures in control.


Yes, I am guilty of instagraming my food.

(Verizon Wireless)
I’ve had the phone for almost two weeks and in that time I have used my phone as I typically do, as though my life depended on it. I am a social media addict, having to take pictures and video of anything and everything that I find entertaining in my day to day life. One of the first many wonderful aspects of the Moto X (2nd Generation) is the 13 Mega Pixel camera and it’s 2 Mega Pixel front camera. Each and every photo is incredible due to the quality of the photos.


Photo quality so clear that you can really see the fine details of my beard hairs.

When it comes to typical tasks such as opening and closing programs, browsing the internet, loading a video, booting up etc., all of them function at very high speeds. As a blogger and aspiring author I tend to use writing applications like Google Docs for instance. For those of you who have never used Google Docs, it is an app that allows you to pull documents that you keep in a cloud storage, loads them and allows you to work on them right then and there before saving any updates made to the document. Normally this task takes quite the toll on smart phones, causing them to lag for periods at a time but with the Moto X (2nd Generation) it has yet to give me any problems.

As far as normal phone calls go, the audio quality is actually very clear both ways. Not a single call has been dropped yet, texts go through flawlessly, videos play back at 1080p. With a 24-hour usage time and a 240 standby time, this phone stayed alive when I needed it most. I can definitely not say the same for other phones I’ve had in the past and the 5.2″ screen is great for catching up on shows on the go, while still being thin enough to easily slip into pockets.

In conclusion, I had a great user experience with the Moto X (2nd Generation). I was able to easily navigate through app, change settings and if I did encounter any issues I could merely google search it via their speech recognition feature and retrieve an answer in no time at all. I highly recommend the Moto X (2nd Generation) to anyone in the market for a good, quality smart phone that is reliable.


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