Toliet-bound Hanako-Kun is a Must Read for Comedy-Horror Fans!

Toliet-bound Hanako-Kun is a charming tale of a young girl named Nene in high school who discovers that one of the seven mysteries is of a bathroom spirit that can grant wishes. She decides to ask the spirit for help in regards to getting the attention of a boy she likes. Before she knows it, her plan backfires as she finds out Hanako-Kun is not only not what she thought he was but he is actually a boy.

The story takes a series of supernatural turns as Nene realizes that there are a lot of dangerous spirits that inhabit the school. After going against Hanako’s wishes, Nene finds herself cursed and bound to serve this bathroom spirit and help cleanse the school of the curses.

Toliet-bound Hanako-Kun balances humor with horror well as no scene is ever dull and no scare is ever too hardcore. There is a god deal of intrigue surrounding the other mysteries of the school and factions that all seek something unique. I found myself invested in the story since the world building was unique enough that it stood out from a lot of the other series I’m currently reading.

The artwork is fun and pleasing giving you an adorable feeling that can turn into terror at the drop of a dime. I do recommend this series to anyone looking for a refreshing story! there is also an anime based off the series that already finished its first season.


Check out more information at Yen Press’s website!


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  • Nikki_boagreis

    Will most certainly be checking this out im’a hugh comedy fan and somewhat into horror. Sounds interesting enough.

    January 24, 2023
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