Why CSGO Continues To Be Popular

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has easily become one of the most popular games in recent history. It was originally released for Windows, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation in 2012 but the first-person shooter has continued to please its cult following a whole decade later. With so many new games coming out on a regular basis, why is CSGO still so popular?

People Love The Multiplayer Aspect

One of the biggest reasons that CSGO is still widely played today is because it’s one of the biggest free to play multiplayer games out there. As of 2018, the developers made it possible to play entirely for free on PC or Mac, moving to a model where they sell skins and items as an option instead of charging to play. Because it’s free to play, the game has continued to host an active community even a decade after the release which makes it even better for the players.

As well as being free to play, the game is highly adaptable which makes it more entertaining and stops it from getting boring. Rather than experiencing the same gameplay over and over, players are able to change the configuration of the game to suit their playing style and what they enjoy. This means that while you are repeatedly grinding through test matches, the game still stays fresh and enjoyable.

The eSports Community Loves It

Another reason that CSGO is still so popular ten years later is thanks to the e-sports community. CSGO is one of the original games to be played competitively, but because of the active community and customisable gameplay, it continues to be popular on the e-sports circuit. The pandemic also helped e-sports to grow in popularity – with more people unable to go out they looked for alternative entertainment and the competitiveness of e-sports drew a lot of people in. People really enjoy having the opportunity to bet on DOTA & CSGO eSports and it is this that helps to keep the game popular. Players enjoy being involved in games that feel interactive and being able to play a bet on the outcome helps players to feel more involved.


It Feels Social

In addition to being an exciting thing to do that didn’t involve leaving the house; CSGO has a strong social aspect. Players can connect across the globe and take on challenges together – in a world that has been more disconnected than ever, the feeling of experiencing human interaction (despite being through a computer) helped a lot of people to care for their mental health.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive might be 10 years old this year, but it’s as popular as ever, if not more and it deserves to be. CSGO disrupted the market, helped people to make connections and escape reality. Of course, as with any game we are likely to see some changes in the future, after all, games need to stay current and adapt to players’ needs. However, what the changes will remain to be seen.

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