4 Creative Ways to Visualize Survey Results

Did you know that many marketers use surveys as a data-gathering tool?

Have you ever used a survey before? Maybe you’ve done a few, done bunch, or done thousands. You may be wondering how to visualize survey results and visualize data or best practices for interpreting results.

We’re going to help you out and share some awesome visualizations of data. Dig in and learn how to visualize survey results today!

1. Likert Scale Chart

A Likert scale chart is an effective tool to visualize survey results. It is composed of a sequence of boxes or levels that range from one extreme to another, for instance, from strongly agree to strongly disagree, which makes it well suited for displaying feedback or attitudes of different respondents.

Creative ways to visualize survey results with a Likert scale chart include the use of different graphic elements such as color schemes, images, pie charts, charts with symbols, and curves or overlapping bars.

Incorporating pictorials and stories to provide an engaging user experience is also a great approach. For instance, a colorful chart with symbols to indicate positive feedback may prove to be more effective than a monochromatic chart. 

2. Score Bar Chart

Score bar charts are a great way to visualize survey results. They are easy to read and understand, and they provide an overall view of how people feel about particular topics.

Score bar charts are useful to show the results of a particular survey, as respondents can score their answers on a scale from 0 to 10, and the bars will visualize how many people chose a certain score.

The higher the bar, the more people chose that score. Furthermore, these types of charts can be customized to have different colors for each bar, allowing for faster and easier visual analysis. 

3. Rating Bar Chart

A rating bar chart is one of the most commonly used and effective tools to visualize survey results. It clearly shows how different respondents have rated different items on a scale.

This method gives a visual representation of the data in a comprehensive and simple way. By using a rating bar chart, one can easily glean valuable insights from the survey results.

One of the most creative ways to use the rating bar chart in data visualization is to compare different demographic ratings on the same graph. This can be a good way to identify trends and pinpoint discrepancies in the responses of different respondent groups. 

4. Infographics Chart

An infographics chart is an effective way to display survey results. It’s an interactive way to visualize complex data sets and gain insights from the data quickly and effectively. There are several creative infographic design ways to do this.

Colors, shapes, and lines can be used to make the data visually appealing and easy to understand. Animations and interactive graphs can bring the data to life, making it clear and engaging.

Maps can also be incorporated to communicate geographic trends in the results. Tracking updates over time can be displayed in a point-by-point timeline to show how the progress of various trends can be compared. Create infographics with this free tool to get this started.

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Surveys are a great way to gain insight into customer behavior and preferences. By utilizing creative ways to visualize the survey results, you can make the most of the data collected.

From charting the numbers to creating interactive visuals, visualizing survey results can help make the information easier to understand and allow you to make decisions quickly. 

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